Alex Landi


Alex Landi is a rising star in Hollywood, best known for his role as Dr. Nico Kim on the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. While fans know him for his on-screen persona, many are curious about his personal life. In this post, we’ll explore some of the details about Alex Landi’s personal life, including his relationships, family, and more.

Early Life and Career

Alex Landi

Family and Education

Alex Landi was born in New York City in 1992 to Korean American parents. He grew up in upstate New York and attended the prestigious Ivy League school, Yale University, where he earned a degree in psychology.

Acting Career

After completing his studies, Alex moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. He started by appearing in commercials and small roles on TV shows like Bull and Broken. In 2018, he landed the role of Dr. Nico Kim on Grey’s Anatomy, which has been his breakout role.

Personal Life


Alex Landi is known to be private about his personal life, but there have been rumors about his relationships. Some fans speculate that he is dating his co-star on Grey’s Anatomy, Jake Borelli, who plays Dr. Levi Schmitt. However, neither actor has confirmed or denied these rumors.


Not much is known about Alex Landi’s family, but he has mentioned in interviews that his parents were initially hesitant about his decision to pursue acting. However, they have since become supportive of his career.

Online Presence

Social Media

Alex Landi is active on social media, with an Instagram account that has over 200,000 followers. He often posts photos from his personal life, including his travels and time on set. He also uses his platform to promote causes he cares about, such as LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness.


Alex Landi has a Wikipedia page that provides a detailed overview of his career and personal life. It includes information about his early life, education, and acting roles, as well as his social media presence and awards and nominations.


While Alex Landi may be private about his personal life, fans can still get a glimpse into his world through his social media and interviews. From his early life and education to his breakout role on Grey’s Anatomy, Alex Landi is a rising star in Hollywood with a bright future ahead.


Who is Alex Landi?

Alex Landi is an American actor known for his role as Dr. Nico Kim on the popular medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy.

What is Alex Landi’s background?

Alex Landi was born and raised in New York City. He is of Korean and Italian descent and has a degree in civil engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

What other acting roles has Alex Landi had?

Before joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, Alex Landi had small roles in TV shows such as Bull and Broken. He also appeared in the film, A Bread Factory.

What is Alex Landi’s personal life like?

As of now, not much is known about Alex Landi’s personal life. He keeps his personal life private and away from the public eye.

What are Alex Landi’s hobbies and interests?

Alex Landi enjoys playing basketball and practicing martial arts. He is also interested in fashion and has modeled for several brands.

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