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Amy Farrington

Amy Farrington is a multi-talented actress, photographer, and producer, best known for her role as Lieutenant Piper Lynch in the hit CBS series SWAT. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Farrington began her career as a stage actress before transitioning to film and television. With over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, she has established herself as a versatile performer with a wide range of skills and talents.

Early Life and Career

Amy Farrington was born on September 20, 1966, in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up in a family of artists and performers and was exposed to the world of theater and film from a young age. After completing her education, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting. She began her career as a stage actress, appearing in several Off-Broadway productions before making her way to Hollywood.

In 1997, Farrington made her television debut in an episode of the hit series Seinfeld. She went on to appear in several other popular shows, including Friends, The King of Queens, and Malcolm in the Middle. In 2005, she landed her first recurring role on the series The War at Home, which ran for two seasons. Since then, she has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including The Michael J. Fox Show, Jane the Virgin, and The Conners.

Photography Career

In addition to her acting career, Amy Farrington is also an accomplished photographer. She has been interested in photography since she was a child and has pursued it as a hobby for many years. In recent years, she has turned her passion into a profession, specializing in portrait and landscape photography. Her work has been featured in several galleries and exhibitions, and she has won several awards for her photography.

Farrington’s photography is characterized by its natural beauty and simplicity. She has a keen eye for capturing the essence of her subjects, whether it’s a stunning landscape or a candid portrait. Her work is often described as timeless and evocative, capturing the beauty of the world around us in a way that is both intimate and universal.

Personal Life

Amy Farrington is married to actor and writer Ed Edgerton. The couple has been together for over two decades and has two children together. In her free time, Farrington enjoys hiking, yoga, and spending time with her family. She is also an avid supporter of several charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the Humane Society.


Amy Farrington is a talented and versatile performer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With her impressive acting skills, stunning photography, and commitment to charitable causes, she is an inspiration to many. Whether she’s on stage, behind the camera, or working to make a difference in the world, Farrington is a true force to be reckoned with.


Who is Amy Farrington?

Amy Farrington is an American actress, photographer, and SWAT star.

What is Amy Farrington known for?

Amy Farrington is known for her roles in TV shows such as “The Michael J. Fox Show,” “Hung,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” and “Two and a Half Men.”

What other talents does Amy Farrington have?

Apart from acting, Amy Farrington is also a talented photographer. She has showcased her photography skills in various exhibitions. Additionally, she is a member of the Los Angeles SWAT team and has trained in martial arts for years.

What is Amy Farrington’s experience as a SWAT team member?

Amy Farrington has been a member of the Los Angeles SWAT team for several years. She has undergone rigorous training in firearms, tactics, and other necessary skills required to be a SWAT team member.

What kind of photography does Amy Farrington specialize in?

Amy Farrington specializes in portrait and landscape photography. She has a unique style that captures the beauty of everyday life and nature. Her work has been featured in various galleries and exhibitions.

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