Andy Garcia


Andy Garcia is a Cuban-American actor, director, and producer who has made a significant impact in Hollywood. He has been in the industry for more than four decades and has acted in some of the most iconic movies of all time. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the life and career of Andy Garcia, including his family, net worth, and movies.

Early Life and Family

Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia was born on April 12, 1956, in Havana, Cuba. His parents were both teachers, and they moved to the United States when he was five years old. The family settled in Miami, where Garcia grew up. He attended Florida International University, where he studied acting and later moved to Hollywood to pursue his career.

Andy Garcia’s Wife and Children

Andy Garcia has been married to his wife, Maria Victoria Lorido, since 1982. They have four children together, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Daniella Garcia-Lorido, Alessandra Garcia-Lorido, and Andres Garcia-Lorido. All of his children are involved in the entertainment industry in some way.


Andy Garcia’s career began in the late 1970s when he appeared in several TV shows and movies. However, his breakthrough role came in 1987 when he starred in the movie “The Untouchables.” Since then, he has appeared in numerous movies, including “The Godfather: Part III,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” and “The Mule.” He has also directed and produced several movies, including “The Lost City” and “At Middleton.”

Andy Garcia’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andy Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. He has earned his wealth through his successful acting career and his work as a director and producer. He has also been involved in several endorsement deals throughout his career.


Andy Garcia has had a successful career in Hollywood, and his contributions to the industry have been significant. He has acted in some of the most iconic movies of all time and has also directed and produced several successful movies. His family has also been involved in the entertainment industry, and he has been married to his wife for almost four decades. With a net worth of $20 million, Andy Garcia’s legacy in Hollywood is sure to continue for many years to come.

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