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Recently, the news about Ansel Elgort’s allegations has been circulating around the internet. The actor, known for his roles in popular movies such as “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Baby Driver,” has been accused of sexual assault by a woman named Gabby. In this blog post, we will discuss the latest news on Ansel Elgort’s allegations, his relationship with girlfriend Violetta Komyshan, his movies, interviews, and more.

Ansel Elgort Allegations

Ansel Elgort

What are the allegations?

In June 2020, a woman named Gabby accused Ansel Elgort of sexually assaulting her in 2014 when she was just 17 years old. Gabby shared her story on Twitter, where she claimed that Ansel had taken advantage of her when she was underage. Ansel responded to the allegations by denying them and stating that their relationship was consensual.

Latest news on the allegations

As of now, there has been no official statement or legal action taken against Ansel Elgort regarding the allegations. However, the news has sparked a conversation about consent and sexual assault in the entertainment industry. Many fans and fellow actors have expressed their support for Gabby and encouraged Ansel to take responsibility for his actions if the allegations are true.

Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan

Who is Violetta Komyshan?

Violetta Komyshan is Ansel Elgort’s girlfriend. The couple has been together since they were in high school and have been dating on and off for several years. Komyshan is a professional ballerina and has been featured in several dance performances and music videos.

Latest news on their relationship

Despite the allegations against Ansel Elgort, he and Violetta Komyshan are still together. Komyshan has not made any public statements regarding the allegations, but she has been seen supporting her boyfriend on his social media accounts. Ansel and Violetta have been spotted together in public, and it seems like their relationship is still going strong.

Ansel Elgort Movies

What movies has Ansel Elgort starred in?

Ansel Elgort has starred in several popular movies, including “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Baby Driver,” “Divergent,” and “The Goldfinch.” He has also appeared in several TV shows, such as “Carrie Diaries” and “The Unusuals.”

Upcoming movies

Ansel Elgort has several upcoming projects in the works, including the crime thriller “The Nightingale” and the drama film “West Side Story.” He is also set to star in the biographical drama “Mayday 109,” where he will play a young John F. Kennedy.

Ansel Elgort Interviews

What has Ansel Elgort said about the allegations?

Ansel Elgort has not made any official statements regarding the allegations. However, in a recent interview with The Times, he stated that he was “distressed” by the allegations and that he takes the issue of consent very seriously.

Other interviews

Ansel Elgort has given several interviews over the years, where he has talked about his career, personal life, and views on various issues. In an interview with GQ, he discussed his love for music and his aspirations to become a DJ. In an interview with W Magazine, he talked about his experience working on “Baby Driver” and his relationship with Violetta Komyshan.

Ansel Elgort IMDB

What is Ansel Elgort’s IMDB page?

Ansel Elgort’s IMDB page is a comprehensive database of his acting credits, personal information, and trivia. It includes information on his movies, TV shows, and upcoming projects, as well as his awards and nominations.


Did you know that Ansel Elgort is also a talented singer and songwriter? He has released several singles and has performed at music festivals and events. He is also a skilled dancer and has trained in ballet and contemporary dance.

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