Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

Aubrey Anderson Emmons: Early Life and Career

Aubrey Anderson Emmons was born on June 6, 2007, in Santa Monica, California. She is the daughter of Amy Anderson and Kent Emmons. Aubrey’s mother is a comedian and writer, while her father is a media entrepreneur. Aubrey’s sister, Ashley Emmons, is also an actress and has appeared in several TV shows and movies.

Aubrey started her acting career at the age of four when she appeared in a commercial for a Korean food brand. Later, she landed a role in the hit TV show “Modern Family” as Lily Tucker-Pritchett, the adopted daughter of Cam and Mitchell. Aubrey’s performance in the show was widely praised, and she became one of the most loved characters in the series.

Aubrey Anderson Emmons: Height and Measurements

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
Aubrey Anderson Emmons is currently 14 years old and stands at a height of 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm). She has a slim build and weighs around 40 kg (88 lbs). Aubrey’s body measurements are not publicly available, but she is known for her cute and charming looks.

Aubrey Anderson Emmons: Net Worth

Aubrey Anderson Emmons has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Most of her wealth comes from her acting career, where she has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Aubrey’s role in “Modern Family” was one of the most significant contributors to her net worth. Besides acting, Aubrey is also active on social media platforms such as TikTok, where she has a massive following.

Aubrey Anderson Emmons: TikTok Fame

Aubrey Anderson Emmons is a popular figure on TikTok, where she has over 1.5 million followers. She frequently posts videos of herself dancing, lip-syncing, and doing challenges. Aubrey’s TikTok account is managed by her mother, Amy Anderson, who helps her create content and manage her social media presence.

Aubrey Anderson Emmons: Latest Updates on Her and Her Sister Ashley Emmons

Aubrey Anderson Emmons is currently focused on her acting career and is looking forward to new opportunities. Her sister, Ashley Emmons, is also doing well in her acting career and has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Ashley is known for her roles in “The Mentalist,” “The Fosters,” and “The L Word: Generation Q.” Both sisters are active on social media and often share updates about their personal and professional lives with their fans.

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