Becca Scott


Becca Scott is a popular host on Geek and Sundry, a YouTube channel dedicated to all things geeky. She is also active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. In this blog post, we will get to know more about Becca Scott and her online presence.

Becca Scott on Twitter

Becca Scott

Becca Scott has a strong presence on Twitter with over 30k followers. She regularly tweets about her experiences as a host on Geek and Sundry, her love for Dungeons and Dragons, and her personal life. She also interacts with her followers by responding to their tweets and engaging in conversations. If you are a fan of Becca Scott, make sure to follow her on Twitter to stay updated with her latest posts.

Becca Scott Feet Controversy

Recently, Becca Scott became the subject of controversy when a photo of her feet was shared on Reddit without her consent. Some people criticized her for not having perfectly pedicured feet, while others came to her defense and called out the inappropriate behavior of sharing a photo without her permission. Becca Scott handled the situation with grace and even made a humorous video addressing the controversy. It is important to remember to respect people’s privacy and consent, especially when it comes to their bodies.

Becca Scott on Instagram

Becca Scott’s Instagram account is a mix of personal and professional posts. She shares photos of her travels, her cat, and her adventures on Geek and Sundry. She also posts about her love for board games and Dungeons and Dragons. Her Instagram account is a great way to get to know Becca Scott beyond her role as a host.

Becca Scott and Grand Forks

Becca Scott grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and often shares photos from her visits back home. She has even hosted a charity event in Grand Forks to raise money for a local animal shelter. Becca Scott’s love for her hometown is evident in her Instagram posts and it is inspiring to see her use her platform to give back to her community.


Becca Scott is a talented host and an active presence on social media. She uses her platform to share her love for all things geeky and to connect with her fans. Whether you follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit, you are sure to be entertained and inspired by Becca Scott.


Who is Becca Scott?

Becca Scott is a host on Geek and Sundry, a popular online entertainment network that focuses on all things geeky and nerdy. She is known for her work on various shows, including Game the Game, How to Play, and Sagas of Sundry.

What is Geek and Sundry?

Geek and Sundry is an online entertainment network that was founded by Felicia Day in 2012. The network produces a variety of content related to gaming, comics, science fiction, and fantasy.

What shows does Becca Scott host on Geek and Sundry?

Becca Scott hosts a number of shows on Geek and Sundry, including Game the Game, How to Play, and Sagas of Sundry. She is also a regular contributor to the network’s Twitch channel.

Where can I follow Becca Scott on social media?

You can follow Becca Scott on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Her handles are @thebeccascott on Twitter and Instagram, and u/becca-geekandsundry on Reddit.

What kind of content does Becca Scott share on social media?

Becca Scott shares a variety of content on social media, including updates about her work on Geek and Sundry, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and personal musings about her life and interests. She also interacts with fans and followers on a regular basis.

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