Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, also known as “Bennifer,” have been making headlines since they rekindled their romance earlier this year. The couple, who first started dating in the early 2000s, recently made their relationship Instagram official and have been spotted together on numerous occasions. In this blog post, we’ll cover the latest news on Ben and Jen, wedding rumors, and recent pictures.

Ben Affleck at the Grammys

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck made headlines earlier this year when he attended the Grammy Awards with his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. The couple looked stunning on the red carpet, with Ben sporting a classic black tuxedo and Jennifer wearing a silver sequin dress. The two were all smiles as they posed for pictures, and fans couldn’t help but speculate if a wedding was in their future.

While Ben and Jen didn’t provide any details about their relationship status at the Grammys, they did appear to be very much in love. The couple was seen holding hands and whispering to each other throughout the night, and they even shared a sweet kiss on camera. Fans of the couple were thrilled to see them together again and are eagerly awaiting any news about a potential wedding.

Recent Pictures of Ben and Jen

Since getting back together, Ben and Jen have been spotted out and about on numerous occasions. From romantic dinners to family outings, the couple has been enjoying their time together and making the most of their second chance at love. Recent pictures of the couple show them looking happy and relaxed, with Ben often seen with his arm around Jen or holding her hand.

One of the most recent pictures of the couple shows them on a yacht in the Mediterranean, enjoying a romantic getaway. The couple was seen cuddling up together and taking in the beautiful scenery, with Jen looking stunning in a white bikini and cover-up. Fans of the couple couldn’t get enough of the adorable pictures and are hoping to see more of them together in the future.

Wedding Rumors

Ever since Ben and Jen got back together, fans have been speculating about a potential wedding. While the couple hasn’t confirmed anything yet, sources close to them have hinted that they may be planning to tie the knot in the near future. Some reports have even suggested that the couple is already engaged and are just waiting for the right time to make the announcement.

Despite the rumors, neither Ben nor Jen has addressed the speculation about their wedding plans. However, fans of the couple are hopeful that they will get to see their favorite couple walk down the aisle soon.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have captured the hearts of fans around the world with their rekindled romance. From their stunning appearances on the red carpet to their adorable pictures together, the couple has been making headlines for all the right reasons. While fans are eagerly awaiting any news about a potential wedding, for now, they are just happy to see Ben and Jen together and in love.

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