Benjamin Bratt


Benjamin Bratt is a renowned American actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including the popular Law and Order series. In this blog post, we will explore the life and career of Benjamin Bratt, from his early beginnings to his rise to fame in Hollywood, his net worth, and personal life.

Early Life and Career

Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt’s Childhood and Education

Benjamin Bratt was born on December 16, 1963, in San Francisco, California. His mother was a nurse, and his father was a sheet metal worker. Bratt grew up in a multicultural family, with his mother being of Indigenous Peruvian descent, and his father of German and English ancestry. He attended Lowell High School and later enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theater.

Benjamin Bratt’s Early Acting Career

After completing his studies, Benjamin Bratt began his acting career in theater, performing in various plays in San Francisco. He later moved to New York City, where he landed his breakthrough role in the TV series Law and Order, where he played the character Detective Rey Curtis. Bratt appeared in the show from 1995 to 1999, and his performance earned him critical acclaim and recognition in the industry.

Hollywood Career

Benjamin Bratt’s Movies

After his success in Law and Order, Benjamin Bratt transitioned to Hollywood and began appearing in movies. Some of his notable films include Demolition Man, Miss Congeniality, Traffic, and Catwoman. He also lent his voice to the character of Miguel in the animated movie Coco, which earned critical acclaim and won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Benjamin Bratt’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Benjamin Bratt’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. His wealth comes from his successful acting career in movies and TV shows.

Personal Life

Benjamin Bratt’s Wife and Children

Benjamin Bratt has been married to his wife, Talisa Soto, since 2002. The couple has two children together, a daughter named Sophia and a son named Mateo. Talisa Soto is also an actress and has appeared in movies such as License to Kill and Mortal Kombat.

Where is Benjamin Bratt Today?

Benjamin Bratt is still active in the entertainment industry and continues to appear in movies and TV shows. He is also involved in various philanthropic activities and serves as a board member of the Latin American International Film Festival.


Benjamin Bratt is a talented actor who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. From his early beginnings in theater to his rise to fame in Hollywood, Bratt has proven to be a versatile and skilled performer. His net worth and personal life reflect his success and dedication to his craft, and we can expect to see more great performances from him in the future.

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