Bibi Andersson


Bibi Andersson, the Swedish actress who is best known for her role in the Star Trek series, passed away at the age of 83 after suffering a stroke. She was a talented actress who had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at her life and career, including her most notable roles, awards, and personal life.

Early Life and Career

Bibi Andersson

Bibi Andersson was born on November 11, 1935, in Stockholm, Sweden. She began her acting career in the 1950s, working in several Swedish films. In 1963, she gained international recognition for her role in Ingmar Bergman’s film “The Silence.” This was the beginning of a long and successful career for Andersson.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Andersson appeared in several films, both in Sweden and internationally. Some of her most notable roles during this time include “Persona,” “The Touch,” and “The Passion of Anna.” She was known for her exceptional acting skills and her ability to bring depth and nuance to her characters.

Star Trek and Beyond

In 1988, Andersson made her debut in the Star Trek franchise, appearing in the episode “The Survivors.” She played the role of a mysterious woman named Marla Aster, who was later revealed to be an alien entity. Her performance in this episode was well-received by fans of the show, and she went on to appear in several other Star Trek episodes over the years.

Aside from Star Trek, Andersson continued to work in the entertainment industry throughout the 1990s and 2000s. She appeared in several films, including “Arn: The Knight Templar” and “The Best Intentions.” She also worked as a theater director and acted in several stage productions.

Personal Life

Andersson was married twice in her life. Her first marriage was to Swedish director Kjell Grede, with whom she had a daughter named Jenny Grede. Her second marriage was to a French photographer named Gabriel Mora Baeza, whom she was married to until his death in 1999.

Aside from her work in the entertainment industry, Andersson was also known for her philanthropy. She was involved in several charitable organizations throughout her life, including the Swedish Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund.

Awards and Legacy

Andersson was a highly acclaimed actress who received several awards and nominations throughout her career. She won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1963 for her role in “The Silence.” She also received the Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in 1973 for her performance in “The Touch.” In 2003, she was awarded the Ingmar Bergman Award for her contributions to Swedish film.

Andersson’s legacy as an actress and philanthropist will continue to live on. She was a talented and dedicated performer who brought joy and inspiration to audiences around the world. Her contributions to the entertainment industry and her charitable work will not be forgotten.


Who was Bibi Andersson?

Bibi Andersson was a Swedish actress known for her work in both Swedish and international films.

What was Bibi Andersson’s most famous role?

Bibi Andersson is perhaps best known for her role as Alma in Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 film “Persona.”

What was Bibi Andersson’s cause of death?

Bibi Andersson passed away at the age of 83 after suffering a stroke.

Did Bibi Andersson ever appear in Star Trek?

Yes, Bibi Andersson appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The High Ground” as the character Lwaxana Troi.

What other notable films did Bibi Andersson appear in?

Bibi Andersson appeared in numerous films throughout her career, including “Wild Strawberries,” “The Seventh Seal,” and “The Touch.”

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