Billy Jayne

The Early Years of Billy Jayne

Billy Jayne was born on April 10, 1969, in Queens, New York. He began his acting career at the age of six when he appeared in a commercial for McDonald’s. He then went on to appear in several television shows and films, including “Punky Brewster,” “Valerie,” and “Cujo.”

Throughout his career, Jayne has worked with some of the most talented actors and directors in the entertainment industry. He has also been recognized for his outstanding performances, receiving numerous awards and nominations for his work.

Billy Jayne’s Career Highlights

Billy Jayne

Television Work

One of Jayne’s most notable television roles was his portrayal of Matthew Burton on the popular soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” He also appeared in several other popular shows, including “The A-Team,” “St. Elsewhere,” and “Murder, She Wrote.”

Film Work

Jayne’s film career began with his role in the horror film “Cujo.” He then went on to appear in several other films, including “Just One of the Guys,” “The Beastmaster,” and “My Stepmother Is an Alien.”

Voice Acting

In addition to his on-screen work, Jayne has also worked extensively as a voice actor. He has lent his voice to several popular animated series, including “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Batman: The Animated Series,” and “The Tick.”

Billy Jayne’s Personal Life

Family Life

Billy Jayne is the father of Gabriel Jayne, who is also an actor. Gabriel has appeared in several films and television shows, including “The Walking Dead” and “Mad Men.”


Jayne was previously married to actress April Wayne. The couple had one child together before their divorce.

Current Work and Projects

While Jayne has not appeared in any recent films or television shows, he remains active in the entertainment industry. He has also been involved in several philanthropic endeavors, including working with organizations that support children and the arts.

Photos and IMDb

To view photos and learn more about Billy Jayne’s career and personal life, visit his IMDb page.

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