Brian Aherne

Brian Aherne: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Brian Aherne

Brian Aherne was a British actor who made a name for himself in Hollywood during the Golden Age of cinema. He starred in over 70 films throughout his career, but it was his personal life that often made headlines. From his scandalous relationships to his infamous reputation, Aherne was a man who lived life on his own terms.

The Gossip

Aherne was no stranger to scandalous gossip. He was known for his affairs with several Hollywood starlets, including Joan Fontaine and Loretta Young. However, it was his relationship with Eleanor de Liagre Labrot that caused the most controversy. Labrot was a wealthy socialite who was married to a prominent New York lawyer when she met Aherne. The two began an affair that lasted for several years, causing a scandal that was front-page news.

Despite the scandal, Aherne and Labrot eventually married in 1952. However, their marriage was short-lived, and they divorced just three years later. Aherne’s reputation as a ladies’ man continued to follow him throughout his life, but he never seemed to mind the attention.

The Movies

Aherne was a talented actor who starred in a wide variety of films throughout his career. He began his career in British theatre before making the move to Hollywood in the 1930s. He quickly became a leading man, starring in films like “Merrily We Live” and “The Great Garrick.”

Despite his success, Aherne often struggled with the Hollywood system. He was known for his outspoken views on the industry, and he was not afraid to speak out against the studio system. Despite this, he continued to work in Hollywood throughout the 1940s and 1950s, starring in films like “Juarez” and “The Best of Everything.”

The Relationships

Aherne was married three times throughout his life. His first marriage was to actress Joan Fontaine, but the two divorced after just two years. He later married actress Virginia Field, but that marriage also ended in divorce. His third and final marriage was to Eleanor de Liagre Labrot, as previously mentioned.

Despite his marriages, Aherne was known for his many affairs. He was linked to several Hollywood starlets throughout his career, including Loretta Young and Merle Oberon. His reputation as a ladies’ man often overshadowed his talent as an actor, but he never seemed to mind.

The Legacy

Brian Aherne passed away in 1986 at the age of 83. Despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, he was remembered for his talent as an actor and his outspoken views on the Hollywood system. Today, he is remembered as one of the great actors of the Golden Age of cinema, and his legacy continues to live on through his many films.

In conclusion, Brian Aherne was a man who lived life on his own terms. He was known for his scandalous relationships and his outspoken views on the Hollywood system. Despite this, he was a talented actor who starred in many great films throughout his career. Today, he is remembered as a Hollywood legend and a true icon of the Golden Age of cinema.


What is “The Scandalous Life of Brian Aherne” about?

“The Scandalous Life of Brian Aherne” is a biography that delves into the personal life of Brian Aherne, a Hollywood actor known for his roles in classic films such as “Juarez” and “I Confess”. The book explores his relationships, scandals, and his career in the film industry.

Who is Brian Aherne?

Brian Aherne was an English-American actor who was active in the film industry from the 1920s to the 1970s. He appeared in more than 70 films and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the film “Juarez”.

What kind of scandals are discussed in the book?

The book covers a range of scandals that Brian Aherne was involved in, including his affairs with actresses such as Joan Fontaine and Merle Oberon, his struggles with alcoholism, and his rocky relationships with family members and colleagues in the film industry.

What is the author’s approach to the subject matter?

The author, Frankel, takes a candid and unflinching approach to the subject matter, drawing on a range of sources including interviews with Aherne’s family and colleagues, as well as archival material and contemporary media coverage.

Who might enjoy reading “The Scandalous Life of Brian Aherne”?

The book would likely appeal to fans of classic Hollywood cinema, as well as readers interested in the lives of famous actors and the scandals that surrounded them. It may also appeal to those interested in the social and cultural history of the mid-twentieth century.

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