Bruno Gouery


Bruno Guery is a renowned French entrepreneur and investor who has made significant contributions to the world of business and finance. Born in 1967 in Paris, France, Guery has had a long and illustrious career, marked by numerous accomplishments and achievements. In this blog post, we will take a comprehensive look at the life and career of Bruno Guery, exploring his early years, his professional journey, and his notable accomplishments.

Early Life and Education

Bruno Gouery

Bruno Guery was born and raised in Paris, France. He was a bright student from a young age and excelled in his studies. After completing his high school education, Guery enrolled at the prestigious École Polytechnique in Paris, where he pursued a degree in engineering. During his time at the university, Guery developed a keen interest in finance and economics, which would later shape his career path.

After graduating from École Polytechnique, Guery went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Finance from the London School of Economics. This provided him with a solid foundation in financial theory and practice, which would prove invaluable in his future career.

Professional Journey

After completing his education, Bruno Guery began his professional journey as a financial analyst at a leading investment bank in London. During his time there, he gained valuable experience in financial analysis, investment management, and risk assessment. This helped him develop a deep understanding of the financial markets and the factors that drive them.

After several years in the banking industry, Guery decided to strike out on his own and founded his own investment firm. Over the years, he has built a reputation as a savvy investor and successful entrepreneur, with a track record of delivering strong returns to his clients.

Notable Accomplishments

1. Founding of Guery Capital

One of Bruno Guery’s most notable accomplishments is the founding of Guery Capital, a leading investment firm based in Paris. Under his leadership, the firm has grown to become one of the most successful investment firms in Europe, with a focus on private equity and venture capital investments.

2. Successful Investments

Guery has made a number of successful investments over the years, including in companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Deliveroo. His ability to identify promising startups and invest in them early has helped him deliver strong returns to his clients.

3. Philanthropic Work

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Bruno Guery is also known for his philanthropic work. He has been involved in a number of charitable initiatives over the years, including supporting education and healthcare programs in developing countries.


Bruno Guery is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and investor who has made significant contributions to the world of business and finance. His success can be attributed to his deep knowledge of the financial markets, his keen eye for promising investments, and his entrepreneurial spirit. As he continues to make a positive impact in the world, it is clear that Bruno Guery’s legacy will be felt for many years to come.

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