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Television shows have the power to make us laugh, cry, and even inspire us. They also have the ability to create memorable characters that stay with us long after the show ends. In this blog post, we will be discussing two actors who have played unforgettable roles in two popular TV shows: Ramone in Seinfeld and Carlos Jacott in Psych.

Ramone in Seinfeld

Carlos Jacott

Ramone, played by Rick Rossovich, appeared in the episode “The Slicer” in season 9 of Seinfeld. He was the owner of a meat slicer that Jerry wanted to buy for his parents as a gift. Ramone was known for his tough exterior and no-nonsense attitude, which clashed with Jerry’s laid-back personality. Despite their differences, Ramone and Jerry eventually reached a deal for the slicer, but not before Ramone made it clear that he was not to be messed with.

Ramone’s character may have only appeared in one episode, but he left a lasting impression on Seinfeld fans. His tough-guy persona and memorable catchphrase, “You want a piece of me?”, have become iconic in the Seinfeld universe.

Carlos Jacott in Psych

Carlos Jacott played the role of Dr. Steven Reidman in the episode “Shawn vs. the Red Phantom” in season 1 of Psych. Dr. Reidman was a famous comic book artist who was accused of stealing his own artwork. Shawn and Gus were hired to clear his name, but soon found themselves embroiled in a mystery involving a superhero vigilante known as the Red Phantom.

Jacott’s performance as Dr. Reidman was both comedic and endearing. His character’s love for comic books and his passion for his work made him a sympathetic figure, despite the accusations against him. Jacott’s chemistry with the rest of the cast also made his character a standout in the episode.


Both Ramone and Carlos Jacott’s characters may have only appeared in one episode each, but their performances left a lasting impression on fans of Seinfeld and Psych. Their memorable roles are a testament to the power of television to create characters that we can’t help but love (or love to hate).


Who is Ramone Seinfeld?

Ramone Seinfeld is not a character from any TV show or movie. It is likely a combination of the names of two well-known characters: Ramon, the waiter from the TV show “Seinfeld,” and Jerry Seinfeld, the main character of the show.

Who is Carlos Jacott?

Carlos Jacott is an American actor who has appeared in numerous television shows and movies. He is best known for his roles in “Seinfeld,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “The Big Lebowski.”

What was Ramone Seinfeld’s role in “Psych”?

Ramone Seinfeld did not appear in “Psych.” However, there is a character named Gus’ boss, who is also named Jerry, played by actor Jerry Shea.

What was Carlos Jacott’s role in “Psych”?

Carlos Jacott played the role of Dr. Steven Reidman in the “Psych” episode “Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing).” Reidman was a psychiatrist who treated Shawn and Gus after they were involved in a car accident.

What was Ramon’s role in “Seinfeld”?

Ramon was a character on the TV show “Seinfeld” who worked as a waiter at the restaurant Monk’s Cafe. He was known for his thick accent and his tendency to call customers “hombres.”

What was Jerry Seinfeld’s role in “Seinfeld”?

Jerry Seinfeld was the main character of the TV show “Seinfeld.” He was a stand-up comedian who lived in New York City and had a group of quirky friends, including George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and Cosmo Kramer.

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