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The Walking Dead is a popular television series that has been captivating audiences since its debut in 2010. The show is known for its thrilling plot, diverse characters, and unexpected twists. Among the many characters that have graced the show, Stephanie and Chelle Ramos stand out. Stephanie is a member of the Commonwealth, a community of survivors that is introduced in the tenth season. Chelle Ramos, on the other hand, is a minor character who appears in season nine. In this blog post, we will explore the mystery surrounding Stephanie and her connection with Eugene, as well as shed some light on Chelle Ramos’s character.

Who is Stephanie?

Chelle Ramos

Introduction to Stephanie

Stephanie is a character that is introduced in the tenth season of The Walking Dead. She is a member of the Commonwealth, a community of survivors that is described as being more advanced than the other communities that have been featured in the show. Stephanie is portrayed as being intelligent, resourceful, and kind-hearted. Her character is intriguing because she is shrouded in mystery, and not much is known about her past or her motivations.

Stephanie and Eugene

One of the most significant plot points involving Stephanie is her connection with Eugene. Eugene is a character that has been a part of the show since season four. He is portrayed as being intelligent, but also socially awkward and somewhat cowardly. In the tenth season, Eugene establishes communication with Stephanie through a radio. They develop a relationship through their conversations, and Eugene becomes infatuated with her. However, when Eugene finally meets Stephanie in person, he discovers that she is not what he expected. She is guarded and secretive, and it is clear that there is more to her story than meets the eye.

Who is Chelle Ramos?

Introduction to Chelle Ramos

Chelle Ramos is a minor character that appears in season nine of The Walking Dead. She is a member of the Oceanside community, a group of survivors that is introduced in season seven. Chelle is portrayed as being strong, independent, and fiercely loyal to her community. She is also known for her striking appearance, particularly her muscular legs.

Chelle Ramos’s Role in the Show

Chelle Ramos’s character is not central to the plot of The Walking Dead, but she plays an important role in the Oceanside community. She is one of the few members of the community that is willing to fight against the Saviors, a group of antagonists that terrorize other communities in the show. Chelle’s bravery and determination inspire other members of the Oceanside community to join the fight against the Saviors.


Stephanie and Chelle Ramos are two characters that have left a lasting impression on fans of The Walking Dead. Stephanie’s mysterious nature and her connection with Eugene have kept fans guessing about her true motivations and backstory. Chelle Ramos’s striking appearance and her role in the Oceanside community have made her a memorable character, even though she only appears in a few episodes. Whether you are a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead or a casual viewer, these two characters are worth paying attention to.

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