Deanne Bray


Deanne Bray is a prominent deaf actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has starred in various TV shows and movies, and her personal life is equally fascinating. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at her career, personal life, and her beloved dog.

Deanne Bray’s TV Shows

Deanne Bray

1. “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye”

One of Deanne Bray’s most popular TV shows is “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye,” which aired from 2002 to 2005. The show was based on the real-life story of Sue Thomas, a deaf woman who worked as an FBI surveillance specialist. Deanne played the lead role of Sue Thomas, and her performance was highly praised by both deaf and hearing audiences.

2. “Heroes”

Deanne Bray also appeared in the popular TV series “Heroes” as Emma Coolidge, a deaf medical researcher with the ability to manipulate sound. Her portrayal of the character was praised for its authenticity and representation of deaf culture.

Deanne Bray’s Movies

1. “Universal Signs”

In 2008, Deanne Bray starred in the movie “Universal Signs,” which tells the story of a young man who is deaf and his struggles to find his place in the world. Deanne played the role of a sign language teacher who helps the main character navigate his deaf identity.

2. “Quiet Please”

Deanne Bray also starred in the short film “Quiet Please,” which tells the story of a deaf woman who is struggling to cope with her hearing husband’s sudden death. Her performance in the film was highly praised for its emotional depth and authenticity.

Deanne Bray’s Personal Life

1. Her Deaf Daughter

Deanne Bray has a daughter who is also deaf. She has been an advocate for deaf rights and has spoken openly about the challenges and joys of raising a deaf child. She has also shared her experiences of navigating the hearing world and the importance of deaf culture and community.

2. Her Beloved Dog

Deanne Bray is a dog lover and has a beloved pet dog named Otis. She often shares pictures of him on social media and has spoken about the importance of animals in her life. Her love for her dog is a testament to her kind and compassionate nature.


Deanne Bray is an inspiring actress who has made a significant impact in the deaf community and the entertainment industry. Her performances in various TV shows and movies have been highly praised, and her personal life is equally fascinating. Her advocacy for deaf rights, her experiences as a mother, and her love for her dog make her a well-rounded and admirable individual.

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