Dolores Hart


Dolores Hart, also known as Sister Dolores Hart, is a former actress who left Hollywood to become a nun. She is known for her performances in movies such as “Loving You” and “Where the Boys Are.” Despite leaving her acting career behind, Dolores Hart remains an inspiring figure for many people. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at her life and recent photos.

Early Life and Career

Dolores Hart

Childhood and Education

Dolores Hart was born on October 20, 1938, in Chicago, Illinois. Her family later moved to Beverly Hills, California, where she attended the prestigious Marymount High School. After graduating, she went on to study at the Chicago Conservatory of Music and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Acting Career

Dolores Hart made her film debut in 1957 in the movie “Loving You,” where she starred alongside Elvis Presley. She went on to appear in several other movies, including “Where the Boys Are,” “King Creole,” and “Come Fly with Me.” She was known for her beauty, talent, and charm, and was often compared to Grace Kelly.

Becoming a Nun

Spiritual Journey

Despite her success in Hollywood, Dolores Hart felt a calling to become a nun. She had always been a devout Catholic and had considered joining a convent since she was a teenager. In 1963, she made the decision to leave her acting career behind and enter the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut.

Life as a Nun

As a nun, Dolores Hart took the name Mother Dolores. She has dedicated her life to prayer, contemplation, and service to others. She has also continued to write and act, and has even received an Academy Award nomination for her documentary “God Is the Bigger Elvis.” She remains an inspiring figure for many people, and her story is a testament to the power of faith and the pursuit of one’s calling.

Recent Photos

Public Appearances

Despite her life as a nun, Dolores Hart has made several public appearances in recent years. She has attended events such as the Academy Awards and the Tony Awards, where she has been honored for her contributions to the arts. She has also been featured in several documentaries and interviews, where she has shared her inspiring story with the world.

Personal Life

Dolores Hart has remained close to her family and friends, and has even reconnected with her former fiancé, Don Robinson. Although they did not end up getting married, they have remained close and have even written a book together, “The Ear of the Heart: An Actress’ Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows.”


Dolores Hart is a remarkable woman who has lived a life full of adventure, passion, and faith. Her story is a reminder that we all have a calling in life, and that it is never too late to pursue it. Whether she is acting in Hollywood or praying in a convent, Dolores Hart remains an inspiration to us all.


Who is Dolores Hart?

Dolores Hart is a former actress who became a Roman Catholic nun in 1963. She starred in several popular films in the 1950s and 1960s, including “Loving You,” “King Creole,” and “Where the Boys Are.”

What is Dolores Hart doing now?

Dolores Hart is currently serving as the prioress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, a Benedictine monastery in Bethlehem, Connecticut. She has been a nun for over 50 years.

What inspired Dolores Hart to become a nun?

Dolores Hart’s decision to become a nun was inspired by a visit to a monastery in Bethlehem, Connecticut. She felt a calling to the religious life and decided to leave Hollywood to pursue it.

What is Dolores Hart’s legacy as an actress?

Dolores Hart is remembered as a talented actress who starred in several popular films. She was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway play “The Pleasure of His Company.” However, her decision to become a nun at the height of her career is also a significant part of her legacy.

Are there any recent photos of Dolores Hart?

Yes, there are recent photos of Dolores Hart available online. Many of these photos show her in her role as prioress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis.

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