Edward G. Robinson


Edward G Robinson was a legendary American actor known for his iconic roles in films such as “Little Caesar” and “Key Largo”. Born in Bucharest, Romania, Robinson immigrated to the United States at a young age and quickly established himself as one of the most talented actors of his time. In this blog post, we will delve into Robinson’s personal and professional life, including his height, death, movies, and personal life.


Edward G. Robinson

One of the most interesting things about Edward G Robinson was his height. Despite his commanding presence on screen, Robinson stood at just 5’5″ tall. This made him one of the shortest leading men in Hollywood at the time. However, his talent and charisma more than made up for his lack of height, and he quickly became one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.


Early Career

Edward G Robinson began his acting career in the theater, but it wasn’t long before he made the transition to film. His breakthrough role came in the 1931 film “Little Caesar”, in which he played a ruthless gangster. This role established Robinson as a major star and led to a string of successful films throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

Later Career

In the later years of his career, Edward G Robinson continued to work in film and television. He appeared in a number of notable films, including “The Cincinnati Kid” and “Soylent Green”. He also made several appearances on television, including a recurring role on the popular show “Batman”. Despite his declining health, Robinson continued to act until his death in 1973.

Personal Life

Marriage and Family

Edward G Robinson was married twice and had one son. His first marriage to Gladys Lloyd ended in divorce, and he later married Jane Bodenheimer, with whom he remained until his death. Robinson’s son, Edward G Robinson Jr, also pursued a career in acting but struggled with drug addiction and legal troubles throughout his life.


Edward G Robinson’s legacy as one of the greatest actors of all time is secure. His talent and versatility as an actor allowed him to play a wide range of roles, from gangsters to detectives to military officers. He was also a philanthropist and a supporter of liberal causes, using his fame to raise awareness and funds for various charities. Today, his films continue to be enjoyed by audiences around the world, and his influence on the film industry can still be felt today.

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