Eliza Taylor


Eliza Taylor is an Australian actress best known for her role as Clarke Griffin on the hit television series The 100. She has also appeared in a number of other television shows and movies throughout her career. In addition to her acting work, Eliza is also known for her personal life, including her marriage to fellow actor Bob Morley and her recent pregnancy announcement.


Eliza Taylor

Early Life

Eliza Taylor was born on October 24, 1989, in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in the city of Albury, New South Wales, and attended the St. Joseph’s Catholic College. Eliza began acting at a young age, performing in school plays and local theater productions.

Career Beginnings

Eliza’s first major acting role came in 2003, when she appeared in the Australian children’s television series Pirate Islands. She went on to appear in a number of other television shows and movies, including Neighbours, The Sleepover Club, and Patrick. However, it wasn’t until her role as Clarke Griffin on The 100 that Eliza became a household name.

Movies and TV Shows

The 100

Eliza’s most famous role is undoubtedly that of Clarke Griffin on The 100. The show, which premiered in 2014, follows a group of survivors as they attempt to rebuild society after a devastating nuclear apocalypse. Eliza’s portrayal of Clarke has earned her critical acclaim and a loyal fan following.

Other TV Shows

Eliza has also appeared in a number of other television shows throughout her career. Some of her notable roles include Janae Timmins on Neighbours, Rosie Cartwright on Rush, and Sarah Redding on The November Man.


In addition to her television work, Eliza has also appeared in a handful of movies. Some of her notable film roles include Natalie in The Laundromat, Kaitlyn in Thumper, and Kristy in 6 Plots.

Personal Life


Eliza Taylor is married to fellow actor Bob Morley, who she met on the set of The 100. The couple got married in 2019 in a surprise ceremony that was announced on social media.


In June 2021, Eliza announced that she and Bob are expecting their first child together. The news was met with excitement from fans, who have been eagerly following the couple’s relationship since they first got together.


Eliza Taylor is a talented actress with a bright future ahead of her. Whether she’s playing a post-apocalyptic survivor or a high school student, Eliza brings depth and nuance to all of her roles. As she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her personal life, fans are eagerly anticipating what she’ll do next.

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