Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel’s Early Life and Career

Emily Deschanel is an American actress who was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1976. She is the daughter of the famous cinematographer Caleb Deschanel and actress Mary Jo Deschanel. Emily grew up in a family of actors, with her younger sister Zooey Deschanel also becoming a successful actress.

Emily Deschanel’s acting career began in the late 90s, with small roles in popular TV shows such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Her breakout role came in 2005 when she was cast as Dr. Temperance Brennan in the hit TV series “Bones.” The show ran for 12 seasons and earned Deschanel critical acclaim for her portrayal of the forensic anthropologist.

Emily Deschanel in Star Trek

Emily Deschanel

Before landing her role in “Bones,” Emily Deschanel made a brief appearance in the 2002 film “Star Trek: Enterprise.” She played the character of Ruby, a waitress who serves Captain Archer and his crew at a diner. While her role was small, it was a significant moment in Deschanel’s career, as it was her first appearance in a major sci-fi franchise.

Emily Deschanel’s Height

Emily Deschanel is known for her tall stature, standing at 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. Her height has been a topic of discussion throughout her career, with many fans and critics commenting on her statuesque appearance. Deschanel has embraced her height and often wears high heels to accentuate her long legs.

Emily Deschanel’s Weight Gain Problems

In 2010, Emily Deschanel announced that she had become a vegan, citing animal welfare concerns as her reason for the change. However, some fans speculated that her decision was also related to her struggles with weight gain. Deschanel has been open about her struggles with body image and has spoken out against the pressure on women to conform to unrealistic beauty standards.

Despite her challenges, Deschanel has continued to thrive in her career and has remained a role model for women of all shapes and sizes.

Emily Deschanel’s Sister and Children

Emily Deschanel’s sister Zooey is also a successful actress, known for her roles in films such as “500 Days of Summer” and the TV series “New Girl.” The two sisters have a close relationship and have even worked together onscreen, with Zooey making a guest appearance on “Bones” in 2013.

Emily Deschanel has two children with her husband, actor and writer David Hornsby. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Henry, in 2011, and their second child, a son named Calvin, in 2015.

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