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Evan Hofer is a young actor who has been gaining popularity in the entertainment industry. He is known for his role as Cameron Webber in the popular soap opera, General Hospital. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into his age, biography, and his role in General Hospital.

Early Life and Career

Evan Hofer


Evan Hofer was born on May 11, 1997, which makes him 24 years old as of 2021. He was born and raised in Orange County, California, and has always had a passion for acting. He started acting in local theater productions when he was just 10 years old, and this sparked his interest in pursuing a career in acting.


Evan Hofer attended Orange County School of the Arts, where he studied acting, singing, and dancing. He also took part in several musical theater productions during his time there. After graduating from high school, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

Hofer’s first major role was in the TV series, Kickin’ It, where he played the character of Randy in 2014. He has also appeared in other TV shows, such as Modern Family, The Fosters, and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. In 2019, he landed the role of Cameron Webber in General Hospital, which has been his most significant role to date.

General Hospital Role

Soap Opera Digest

Evan Hofer’s role in General Hospital has been well-received by fans of the show. In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, he talked about his experience working on the show and how he prepared for the role. He revealed that he watched previous episodes of the show to get a better understanding of the characters and the storylines. He also worked closely with his co-stars to develop his character and make sure that he fit in with the rest of the cast.


Evan Hofer is active on Instagram, where he often shares behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the set of General Hospital. He also shares personal photos and updates with his fans. He has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and is known for his engaging and entertaining content.


Evan Hofer is a talented young actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. His role in General Hospital has been a significant milestone in his career, and he has gained a loyal fan base as a result. With his talent and dedication, we can expect to see more great things from him in the future.


Who is Evan Hofer?

Evan Hofer is an American actor known for his role in the TV series General Hospital.

What is Evan Hofer’s age?

As of 2021, Evan Hofer is 23 years old.

Can you give a brief biography of Evan Hofer?

Evan Hofer was born on September 6, 1998, in Dallas, Texas, USA. He started his acting career in 2015 with a role in the TV series “The Night Shift”. Since then, he has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including “Modern Family”, “The Fosters”, and “The Perfectionists”.

What is Evan Hofer’s role in General Hospital?

Evan Hofer plays the role of Cameron Webber in General Hospital. Cameron is the son of Elizabeth Webber and Zander Smith, and the stepson of Lucky Spencer. He first appeared on the show in 2004, and Evan Hofer took over the role in 2018.

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