Evan Roderick

Introduction: Who is Evan Roderick?

Evan Roderick is a Canadian actor and model. He was born on January 30th, 1993, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Roderick is known for his roles in various popular TV series and movies, including “Arrow,” “The 100,” and “Spinning Out.” He has recently gained attention for his leading roles in Hallmark movies.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Evan Roderick

Childhood and Education

Evan Roderick was born and raised in Vancouver, where he attended high school. His passion for acting started at a young age, and he was involved in school plays and drama programs. After graduating high school, Roderick pursued his dream of becoming an actor by attending acting classes and workshops.

Modeling and Early Acting Roles

Before making his mark in the acting world, Evan Roderick started his career as a model. He worked with various well-known brands and designers, including Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2014, Roderick made his acting debut in the TV series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.” He then went on to appear in other TV shows, such as “iZombie” and “The Romeo Section.”

Recent Success and Rising Fame

Hallmark Movies

Evan Roderick has recently become a familiar face to Hallmark movie fans. He has starred in several of their popular movies, including “Love in Store,” “The Christmas Bow,” and “Sweet Carolina.” Roderick has quickly gained a reputation for his charming and romantic performances, making him a fan favorite in the Hallmark community.

Other Recent Projects

In addition to his Hallmark movies, Evan Roderick has also been involved in other exciting projects. He played the role of Max in the Netflix series “Spinning Out” and appeared in the movie “The War with Grandpa” alongside Robert De Niro. Roderick has also been working on his music career, releasing his first single “Lost in the Night” in 2020.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Relationships and Family

Evan Roderick keeps his personal life private, and not much is known about his relationships or family. However, he has shared on social media that he has a younger brother who is also pursuing a career in acting.

Hobbies and Interests

When he’s not acting or modeling, Evan Roderick enjoys staying active and spending time outdoors. He is an avid snowboarder and also enjoys hiking and surfing. Roderick is also passionate about music and has been playing guitar since he was a teenager.


Evan Roderick is a rising star in the entertainment industry, known for his talent and charming personality. With his recent success in Hallmark movies and other projects, it’s clear that Roderick is on the path to becoming a household name.


Who is Evan Roderick?

Evan Roderick is a Canadian actor known for his roles in Hallmark movies and TV shows such as “Arrow” and “Spinning Out”. He also has experience in theatre and dance.

What are some of Evan Roderick’s notable roles?

Some of Evan Roderick’s notable roles include his portrayal of Nick in the Hallmark movie “The Christmas Bow” and his role as Hunter in the Netflix series “Spinning Out”.

What is Evan Roderick’s background in theatre and dance?

Evan Roderick has a background in theatre and dance, having trained at the Vancouver Goh Ballet Academy and the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto. He has performed in productions such as “West Side Story” and “The Nutcracker”.

What upcoming projects does Evan Roderick have?

As of now, there are no confirmed upcoming projects for Evan Roderick. However, fans can stay updated on his social media accounts for any announcements or updates on his career.

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