Fede Alvarez

The Early Years of Fede Alvarez

Before Fede Alvarez became a household name in the horror genre, he was just a young boy from Uruguay with a passion for filmmaking. At the age of 12, he started experimenting with his father’s video camera, making short films with his friends. After graduating from film school, he started making commercials and music videos, which eventually led him to create his first feature film, “Ataque de Pánico!” (Panic Attack!) in 2009.

The short film went viral and caught the attention of Hollywood producers, including Sam Raimi, who later became his mentor and produced his first Hollywood film, “Evil Dead” in 2013.

The Success of “Evil Dead”

Fede Alvarez

“Evil Dead” was a remake of the 1981 classic horror film by Sam Raimi. Fede Alvarez’s version was praised by critics and horror fans alike for its intense gore, practical effects, and a strong performance by Jane Levy. The film grossed over $97 million worldwide, making it a commercial success.

The success of “Evil Dead” opened doors for Fede Alvarez to work on other horror franchises, including “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Alien.”

Fede Alvarez’s Take on “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

In 2017, Fede Alvarez was announced as the director for a new “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film. His version was set to be a direct sequel to the original 1974 film, ignoring all other sequels and remakes that came after it. However, the project was put on hold due to legal issues with the rights of the franchise.

Despite the setback, Fede Alvarez expressed his excitement for the project, stating that he wanted to bring back the raw, gritty, and terrifying atmosphere of the original film.

Fede Alvarez’s “Alien” Movie

In 2019, Fede Alvarez was announced as the director for a new “Alien” movie, which was said to be a continuation of the original 1979 film directed by Ridley Scott. However, not much information has been released about the project since then.

Fans of the franchise are eager to see what Fede Alvarez can bring to the table, as his previous works have shown his ability to create suspenseful and terrifying horror films.

The Future of Fede Alvarez

Fede Alvarez’s success in the horror genre has made him one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. His unique vision and ability to create terrifying atmospheres have earned him a dedicated fan base.

As of now, Fede Alvarez has not announced any new projects, but fans are eagerly waiting to see what he has in store for the future.

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