Finn Little


Finn Little is a talented young actor who has been making waves in the entertainment industry. He started his career as a child actor and has now become a rising star in Hollywood. In this blog post, we will take a look at Finn Little’s latest updates, including his growth spurt, Instagram, and bio. We will also discuss his role in Yellowstone and what we can expect from him in the upcoming season.

From Child Actor to Yellowstone Star

Finn Little

Finn Little’s Early Career

Finn Little started his acting career at a young age, appearing in several commercials and TV shows. He gained recognition for his role in the Australian film, Storm Boy, where he played the lead role of Michael Kingley. His performance in the film was praised by critics, and it opened doors for him in the industry.

Finn Little in Yellowstone

Finn Little’s big break came when he landed a role in the hit TV series, Yellowstone. He joined the cast in season 4, playing the role of Carter, a young boy who is taken in by John Dutton after his family is killed. Finn’s performance in the show has been impressive, and he has received praise for his acting skills.

Finn Little’s Latest Updates

Growth Spurt

Finn Little has been making headlines recently due to his growth spurt. The young actor has grown several inches taller, and fans have been amazed at how much he has changed since his debut in Storm Boy. Despite his growth spurt, Finn has maintained his boyish charm and continues to impress audiences with his talent.


Finn Little is active on Instagram, where he shares updates about his life and career. He has a growing fan base on the platform, and his posts are often filled with positive comments from his followers. Finn’s Instagram page is a great way to keep up with his latest projects and see what he’s up to behind the scenes.

Finn Little’s Bio

Early Life

Finn Little was born on June 9, 2006, in Brisbane, Australia. He grew up in a family of actors, and his parents encouraged him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Finn attended acting classes and workshops from a young age, and he was determined to make a name for himself in the industry.

Career Achievements

Since his debut in Storm Boy, Finn Little has been making a name for himself in Hollywood. He has appeared in several TV shows and films, and his performance in Yellowstone has earned him critical acclaim. Finn has also been nominated for several awards, including the AACTA Award for Best Lead Actor.


Finn Little is a talented young actor who has a bright future ahead of him. With his impressive acting skills and growing fan base, he is sure to become a household name in Hollywood. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the upcoming season of Yellowstone and beyond.

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