Giovanni Ribisi


Giovanni Ribisi is an American actor known for his versatile acting skills and unique voice. However, his personal life and beliefs have also been a topic of discussion among fans and critics alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the actor’s ties with Scientology, his net worth, biography, and more.

Giovanni Ribisi’s Ties with Scientology

Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi has been a member of the Church of Scientology since his childhood. His parents, Gay and Albert Ribisi, are also members of the church, and they raised him in accordance with Scientology beliefs. Ribisi has been vocal about his beliefs in the past, stating that Scientology has helped him in his personal and professional life. However, his affiliation with the church has also been a point of criticism, with many questioning the church’s practices and beliefs.

Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi’s Scientology Wedding

In 1997, Giovanni Ribisi married actress Marissa Ribisi in a Scientology ceremony. Marissa is also a member of the church, and the couple has been together for over two decades. They have two children together, and their family has been involved in various Scientology events and activities over the years. However, they have also faced criticism for their involvement with the church.

Giovanni Ribisi’s Net Worth

Giovanni Ribisi has had a successful career in Hollywood, with over 80 film and television credits to his name. He has been a part of several popular movies, including Saving Private Ryan, Avatar, and Ted. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ribisi’s net worth is estimated to be around $34 million. His success in the entertainment industry has helped him accumulate a significant amount of wealth over the years.

Giovanni Ribisi’s IMDB Profile

Giovanni Ribisi’s IMDB profile lists his extensive filmography, including his most recent projects. He has been a part of several successful television shows, including Sneaky Pete and Friends. His unique voice has also made him a popular choice for voiceover work, with credits in several animated movies and TV shows.

Giovanni Ribisi’s Biography

Giovanni Ribisi was born on December 17, 1974, in Los Angeles, California. He began his acting career in the early 1990s, with roles in popular TV shows like The Wonder Years and Married… with Children. He then transitioned to film, with his breakout role in the 1998 movie Saving Private Ryan. Ribisi has since become a sought-after actor, known for his versatility and range.

Giovanni Ribisi’s Children

Giovanni Ribisi has two children with his wife, Marissa Ribisi. Their daughter, Lucia, was born in 1997, and their son, Tommy, was born in 2004. The family is known to be private, and little is known about their personal lives outside of their involvement with Scientology and the entertainment industry.


Giovanni Ribisi’s career and personal life have been a topic of fascination for many fans and critics. While his ties with Scientology have been a point of controversy, his success in Hollywood is undeniable. With a net worth of over $34 million and a diverse range of acting credits, Ribisi continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

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