Heidi Swedberg

Introduction: Who is Heidi Swedberg?

Heidi Swedberg is an American actress who is best known for her role as Susan Ross on the hit television show Seinfeld. Her character, Susan, was the fiancée and eventual wife of George Costanza, one of the main characters on the show.

The Controversy Surrounding Heidi Swedberg’s Role on Seinfeld

Heidi Swedberg

Heidi Swedberg’s Performance on Seinfeld

While Heidi Swedberg’s portrayal of Susan Ross was well-received by some viewers, others found her performance to be lackluster and even annoying. Some fans criticized her character for being too boring and not adding much to the show.

Heidi Swedberg’s Relationship with the Cast and Crew

Rumors circulated that Heidi Swedberg was difficult to work with on the set of Seinfeld. Several cast members, including Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza, have publicly spoken about their struggles working with Swedberg. Alexander even went so far as to say that “every time [he] acted with [Swedberg], [he] wanted to kill [himself].”

Heidi Swedberg’s Exit from Seinfeld

Heidi Swedberg’s Firing from Seinfeld

Despite appearing in several seasons of Seinfeld, Heidi Swedberg’s character, Susan Ross, was ultimately written off the show. Some reports suggest that Swedberg was fired from the show due to her difficult behavior on set, while others claim that her character was simply no longer needed for the storyline.

Heidi Swedberg’s Thoughts on Her Exit from Seinfeld

In interviews, Swedberg has been tight-lipped about her exit from Seinfeld. However, she has stated that she was surprised by the negative reactions to her character and that she enjoyed her time on the show.

Where is Heidi Swedberg Now?

Heidi Swedberg’s Acting Career After Seinfeld

After her departure from Seinfeld, Heidi Swedberg continued to act in both television and film. She appeared in several episodes of the television series ER and had a small role in the film Galaxy Quest.

Heidi Swedberg’s Personal Life

Heidi Swedberg has been married to musician Dan Oster since 1994. The couple has two children together and currently reside in California.


While Heidi Swedberg’s time on Seinfeld was controversial, there is no denying that she left a lasting impression on the show’s fans. Despite the negative reactions to her character and her eventual departure from the show, Swedberg has continued to work in the entertainment industry and lead a fulfilling personal life.

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