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Achraf Hakimi is a Moroccan professional football player who currently plays as a right-back for Paris Saint-Germain and the Moroccan national team. While he is known for his exceptional skills on the field, many fans are also curious about his personal life, including his relationships with his wife, girlfriend, and Hiba Abouk.

The Wife of Achraf Hakimi

Hiba Abouk

Who is Hakimi’s Wife?

Achraf Hakimi is married to Hajar Benslimane, who is also Moroccan. The couple tied the knot in 2019 in a private ceremony that was attended by close family and friends. Benslimane is a private person and not much is known about her, but she is often seen accompanying her husband to events and games.

What is Known About Their Relationship?

Hakimi and Benslimane have been together for several years and have a strong bond. They often share pictures of each other on social media, showing their love and affection for one another. Despite being in the public eye, they manage to keep their relationship private and away from the media.

The Girlfriend of Achraf Hakimi

Who is Hakimi’s Girlfriend?

Before marrying Benslimane, Hakimi was in a relationship with Hiba Abouk, a Spanish-Tunisian actress. The couple started dating in 2018 and were often seen together on social media and at events. However, they broke up in 2019, shortly before Hakimi married Benslimane.

What Happened Between Them?

The reason for Hakimi and Abouk’s breakup is unknown, but it is rumored that it was due to their busy schedules and the long-distance nature of their relationship. Despite the breakup, they remain on good terms and are often seen liking and commenting on each other’s social media posts.

Hiba Abouk on Instagram

Who is Hiba Abouk?

Hiba Abouk is a Spanish-Tunisian actress and model who is best known for her roles in Spanish TV shows and films. She has a large following on social media, with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

What Does She Post on Instagram?

On her Instagram page, Abouk shares pictures of her daily life, including her travels, work, and personal moments. She also shares posts related to social causes and activism, highlighting issues such as racism and gender equality.


While Achraf Hakimi is known for his skills on the football field, his personal life is also of interest to many fans. From his wife and girlfriend to his friendship with Hiba Abouk, Hakimi’s relationships offer a glimpse into his private life. With social media making it easier to connect with celebrities, fans can follow these relationships and get to know their favorite players on a more personal level.

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