Ian Tracey


Ian Tracey is a Canadian actor who has been gracing our screens for over three decades. He is a versatile actor who has appeared in several TV shows, movies, and stage productions. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Ian Tracey’s career, personal life, and achievements.

Early Life and Career

Ian Tracey

Ian Tracey was born on June 26, 1964, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He showed an interest in acting from a young age and began his career in the entertainment industry at the age of 10. His first role was in the TV series “Huckleberry Finn and His Friends.” He then went on to appear in several TV shows and movies, including “The Littlest Hobo,” “The Beachcombers,” and “The Boy in Blue.”

As a teenager, Ian Tracey continued to pursue his passion for acting and landed his breakthrough role in the TV series “21 Jump Street.” He played the character of “Mick” in the episode “The Worst Night of Your Life.” This role helped him gain recognition and opened doors for him in the entertainment industry.

TV Shows


Ian Tracey appeared in the hit TV series “Supernatural” in the episode “Dead in the Water.” He played the character of “Dad” and delivered a powerful performance that left a lasting impression on the audience. His portrayal of a grieving father who lost his son to a supernatural creature was both emotional and authentic.


Ian Tracey also appeared in the TV series “Travelers” as Ray Green. His character was a former sports agent who became involved in the time-traveling missions of the travelers. Ian Tracey’s performance was praised for its humor and depth.


The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue

Ian Tracey played the lead role in the movie “The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue.” He portrayed the character of “Nick,” a homeless man who befriends a young girl and helps her find her way home. Ian Tracey’s performance was praised for its sensitivity and authenticity.

Da Vinci’s Inquest

Ian Tracey also appeared in the movie “Da Vinci’s Inquest” as Detective Mick Leary. His performance was praised for its intensity and complexity. The movie was a critical and commercial success and helped establish Ian Tracey as a talented actor.

Personal Life


Ian Tracey is married to actress and producer Caroline Cave. The couple has two children together and has been married for over two decades. They have worked together on several projects, including the TV series “Da Vinci’s Inquest.”


Ian Tracey is a talented and versatile actor who has left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. He has appeared in several TV shows and movies and has received critical acclaim for his performances. Ian Tracey’s personal life is also a testament to his success, as he has been married to his wife Caroline Cave for over two decades. We look forward to seeing more of Ian Tracey’s work in the future.

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