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About the Michie Family

Jamie Michie

The Michie family is made up of John, Jake, and Carol, a tight-knit trio who have been through a lot together. John Michie is a well-known actor, while Jake and Carol are his children. But there’s more to this family than just their famous last name – they’re also big fans of snooker, and have a close connection to one of the sport’s greatest players.

John Michie: Actor and Father

John Michie is perhaps best known for his roles in popular British TV shows like “Coronation Street” and “Holby City.” But to his children, he’s just Dad – a loving and supportive father who has always been there for them. Despite his busy acting career, John has made it a priority to be present in his children’s lives, attending their school events and cheering them on at their own performances.

But John’s love for his children goes beyond just being there for them – he’s also been an advocate for mental health awareness since the tragic death of his daughter Louella in 2017. John has spoken openly about the importance of seeking help for mental health issues, and has worked to raise awareness and funds for mental health charities.

Jake Michie: Snooker Enthusiast

Jake Michie is John’s son and a talented snooker player in his own right. He’s been playing the game since he was a child, and has even competed in professional tournaments. But Jake’s love for snooker goes beyond just playing – he’s also a big fan of the sport, and has a close connection to one of its greatest players.

Jimmy “Whirlwind” White: Snooker Legend and Family Friend

Jake’s connection to snooker legend Jimmy White goes back to his childhood. John and Jimmy were friends, and Jake grew up watching the two of them play together. Over the years, Jake has become close with Jimmy as well, and the two of them have played together in charity tournaments and other events.

Carol Michie: Artist and Musician

Carol Michie is John’s daughter and a talented artist and musician. She’s been drawing and painting since she was a child, and has developed a unique style that combines elements of realism and abstraction. Carol is also a talented musician, playing guitar and singing in a band with her friends.

Ross Ritchie: Actor and Family Friend

Carol’s close friend Ross Ritchie is also a talented actor, and the two of them have worked together on several projects. Ross has appeared in a number of TV shows and films, and is known for his versatility and range as an actor.

Overall, the Michie family is a close-knit group of talented individuals who support each other through thick and thin. Whether they’re pursuing their own passions or coming together to support a good cause, the Michies are a family to be admired.


Who is the Michie family?

The Michie family is a group of individuals consisting of John, Jake, and Carol.

What do we know about John, Jake, and Carol?

There is no specific information provided about John, Jake, and Carol in the title. However, it is safe to assume that they are related to each other and possibly have some interesting stories to share.

Who is the snooker legend mentioned in the title?

The title does not provide a name for the snooker legend. It is possible that the Michie family is related to the snooker legend or they have some connection to him/her.

What is snooker?

Snooker is a cue sport that is played on a table with six pockets. The game is played with a cue and 22 balls, including one white cue ball and 15 red balls worth one point each, and six balls of different colors worth different points.

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