Jena Malone

Early Life of Jena Malone

Jena Malone was born on November 21, 1984, in Sparks, Nevada. Her mother, Debbie Malone, was a former actress and her father, Edward Berge, was a musician. Malone’s parents separated when she was young, and she was raised by her mother.

Malone began acting at a young age and was homeschooled to allow her to pursue her career. She made her film debut at the age of 12 in the movie “Bastard Out of Carolina” and received critical acclaim for her performance.

Acting Career of Jena Malone

Jena Malone

Breakthrough Role in “Donnie Darko”

Malone’s breakthrough role came in the 2001 cult classic “Donnie Darko,” in which she played the troubled teenager Gretchen Ross. The film was a critical and commercial success and helped to establish Malone as a rising star in Hollywood.

Roles in “The Hunger Games” and Other Films

Malone has appeared in numerous films throughout her career, including “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Pride & Prejudice,” and “Into the Wild.” She has also worked in television, with roles in shows such as “Too Old to Die Young” and “The Neon Demon.”

Jena Malone’s Personal Life

Mother Debbie Malone’s Influence on Jena’s Career

Jena Malone’s mother, Debbie Malone, was a former actress and played a significant role in her daughter’s career. Debbie homeschooled Jena to allow her to pursue acting and helped to manage her career in the early years.

Jena Malone’s Children

Malone has two children, a son named Ode Mountain and a daughter named Dakota. She has been vocal about her experiences as a mother and the challenges of balancing her career and family life.


Jena Malone has had a successful career as an actress, with a range of roles in film and television. Her early start in the industry and the influence of her mother have played a significant role in her success. Malone’s personal life, including her children, has also been an important part of her journey.

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