Jerome Flynn


Jerome Flynn is a renowned actor, singer, and songwriter. He has been active in the entertainment industry since the 1980s and has made a name for himself through his exceptional acting skills and soulful singing. In this article, we will explore his height, TV shows, movies, singing, girlfriend, and young life.

Jerome Flynn’s Early Life

Jerome Flynn

Jerome Flynn’s Birth and Childhood

Jerome Patrick Flynn was born on March 16, 1963, in Bromley, England. He spent most of his childhood in Kent with his parents and siblings. His father was a musician, and his mother was a nurse. Jerome was interested in music and acting from a young age and pursued his passion by participating in school plays and musicals.

Jerome Flynn’s Education

Jerome Flynn attended the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, where he honed his acting skills. After completing his education, he started his acting career in the theater before transitioning to television and movies.

Jerome Flynn’s Height

How Tall is Jerome Flynn?

Jerome Flynn is 6 feet tall, which is considered above average for a man in the UK. His height has been an advantage for him in his acting career, as it has allowed him to play roles that require a tall and imposing figure.

Jerome Flynn’s TV Shows

Game of Thrones

Jerome Flynn is best known for his role as Bronn in the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. He played the character from 2011-2019 and received critical acclaim for his performance. Bronn is a skilled mercenary who serves various characters throughout the show and becomes a fan favorite due to his wit and charm.

Ripper Street

Jerome Flynn also starred in the BBC One series, Ripper Street, from 2012-2016. He played the character of Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake, a tough and experienced police officer who investigates crimes in Victorian-era London.

Jerome Flynn’s Movies

Best Laid Plans

Jerome Flynn starred in the 1999 movie, Best Laid Plans, alongside Reese Witherspoon and Josh Brolin. He played the character of Bryce, a charming and manipulative con artist who gets involved in a complex heist.


Jerome Flynn also starred in the 1989 movie, Resurrected. He played the character of Kevin Deakin, a soldier who is believed to have died during the Falklands War but is later discovered alive and suffering from amnesia.

Jerome Flynn’s Singing Career

Robson & Jerome

Jerome Flynn is also a talented singer and songwriter. In the 1990s, he formed a duo with his friend, Robson Green, called Robson & Jerome. They released several albums and had several hit singles, including “Unchained Melody” and “I Believe.”

Solo Career

Jerome Flynn has also released several solo albums and singles throughout his career. His music is influenced by folk and rock and has received critical acclaim for its emotional depth and authenticity.

Jerome Flynn’s Girlfriend

Is Jerome Flynn Married?

Jerome Flynn is not married and has never been married. He keeps his personal life private and has not publicly disclosed any information about his romantic relationships.

Jerome Flynn’s Rumored Relationships

There have been rumors that Jerome Flynn has dated several women in the entertainment industry, including Lena Headey, his co-star on Game of Thrones. However, neither Jerome nor Lena have confirmed or denied these rumors.


Jerome Flynn is a talented and versatile actor, singer, and songwriter. He has had a successful career in the entertainment industry and has become a household name due to his exceptional performances. His height, TV shows, movies, singing, girlfriend, and young life have all contributed to his success and popularity.

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