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If you are a fan of mystery novels and have a sweet tooth, then the Chocoholic Mystery series is perfect for you. Written by Joanna Carl, the series follows Lee McKinney, a chocolate shop manager who finds herself solving murders in her small town. In this blog post, we will explore how you can discover the Chocoholic Mystery series in order and get to know more about actress Joanna Christie and Dr. Joanne Bryant, who have brought the characters to life on social media.

Chocoholic Mystery Series in Order

Joanna Christie


The Chocoholic Mystery series consists of 17 books, starting with “The Chocolate Cat Caper” and ending with “The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha”. The books are set in Warner Pier, Michigan, and follow Lee McKinney, who manages TenHuis Chocolade, a chocolate shop in the town. Lee finds herself getting involved in murder investigations and uses her sleuthing skills to solve the crimes. The books are cozy mysteries, meaning they are light-hearted and focus more on the characters and setting than on graphic violence or gore.

Reading Order

To fully enjoy the Chocoholic Mystery series, it is recommended that you read the books in order. This is because the characters and their relationships develop throughout the series, and there are references to previous events in later books. The reading order is as follows:

  1. The Chocolate Cat Caper
  2. The Chocolate Bear Burglary
  3. The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up
  4. The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle
  5. The Chocolate Mouse Trap
  6. The Chocolate Bridal Bash
  7. The Chocolate Jewel Case
  8. The Chocolate Snowman Murders
  9. The Chocolate Cupid Killings
  10. The Chocolate Pirate Plot
  11. The Chocolate Book Bandit
  12. The Chocolate Clown Corpse
  13. The Chocolate Falcon Fraud
  14. The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha
  15. The Chocolate Cat Caper (re-release)
  16. The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (re-release)
  17. The Chocolate Monkey Mystery (new book)

Actress Joanna Christie and Dr. Joanne Bryant

Joanna Christie

Joanna Christie is a British actress who has portrayed Lee McKinney in the Chocoholic Mystery series audiobooks. She is known for her roles in TV shows such as “Narcos”, “Mr. Selfridge”, and “Ordeal by Innocence”. In the audiobooks, Christie brings Lee to life with her charming voice and captures the character’s wit and intelligence. You can listen to the audiobooks on Audible or other audiobook platforms.

Dr. Joanne Bryant

Dr. Joanne Bryant is a real-life chocolatier who has partnered with Joanna Carl to create recipes inspired by the Chocoholic Mystery series. She is the owner of The Particular Palate, a gourmet chocolate and catering business in Michigan. Dr. Bryant has also created a Facebook page called “TPMG – TenHuis Chocolade and The Particular Palate” where she shares recipes, photos, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the chocolate-making process. She has even created a chocolate version of the TenHuis Chocolade shop from the books. You can follow Dr. Bryant on Facebook and Instagram to see her delicious creations and get inspired to make your own chocolate treats.


The Chocoholic Mystery series is a delightful combination of mystery and chocolate that will satisfy your cravings for both. By reading the books in order, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Warner Pier and get to know Lee McKinney and her friends. You can also enjoy the audiobooks narrated by Joanna Christie and follow Dr. Joanne Bryant on Facebook and Instagram to see her mouth-watering chocolate creations. So grab a chocolate bar and start reading the Chocoholic Mystery series today!

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