Joey Sasso


“The Circle” is a popular reality show that premiered on Netflix in 2020. The show features contestants who are isolated in their own apartments and can only communicate with each other through a social media platform called “The Circle.” One of the most beloved contestants from the show is Joey Sasso, who won the first season. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Joey Sasso’s dating life and some of the most memorable couples from season 1, including Shubham and Miranda, as revealed on Instagram.

Joey Sasso’s Dating Life

Joey Sasso

Joey Sasso, the charming and charismatic contestant from “The Circle,” has captured the hearts of many viewers. However, when it comes to his dating life, Joey has been relatively private. He has not publicly dated anyone since appearing on the show, and it is unclear if he is currently in a relationship.

Despite the lack of public information about his dating life, Joey’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of him with his friends and family. He often shares pictures of himself with his nieces and nephews, showing his love for children. Joey has also been vocal about his love for his mother, who passed away from cancer in 2019. He frequently posts pictures and messages dedicated to her memory.

Shubham and Miranda

Shubham Goel and Miranda Bissonnette were two of the most popular contestants from season 1 of “The Circle.” Shubham, a student from California, quickly became a fan favorite for his kind and genuine personality. Miranda, a bartender from New York, was also well-liked for her outgoing and bubbly nature.

Although Shubham and Miranda did not end up dating on the show, they formed a close friendship that continued after the show ended. On Instagram, both Shubham and Miranda have shared pictures of themselves hanging out together, proving that their friendship is still going strong. Fans of the show have also expressed their love for the duo, with many hoping that they will eventually start dating.

Chris and Mercedes

Chris Sapphire and Mercedes are another memorable couple from season 1 of “The Circle.” Chris, a comedian from Texas, and Mercedes, a model from Illinois, hit it off immediately on the show. They formed a strong bond and were often seen flirting with each other on the social media platform.

After the show ended, Chris and Mercedes continued to talk and even went on a date. However, they ultimately decided to remain friends. On Instagram, both Chris and Mercedes have shared pictures of themselves with each other, proving that their friendship is still going strong.


“The Circle” has become a popular show for its unique concept and lovable contestants. Joey Sasso, Shubham, Miranda, Chris, and Mercedes are just a few of the many memorable contestants from season 1. While Joey’s dating life remains private, fans can still enjoy seeing him on social media with his friends and family. As for the other contestants, their friendships have continued even after the show ended, proving that the bonds formed on “The Circle” are real and lasting.

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