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The Erwin Brothers, Andrew and Jon, are a dynamic duo in the film industry, known for their uplifting and inspiring movies. Their journey began in film school, where they honed their skills and developed their passion for storytelling. Today, they are recognized as one of the most successful and innovative filmmakers in the industry, with a string of hit movies to their name.

Early Beginnings: Film School and Beyond

Jon Erwin

Andrew and Jon Erwin both attended film school at the University of Alabama, where they developed their passion for storytelling and filmmaking. After graduation, they started their own production company, Erwin Brothers Entertainment, and began producing music videos and commercials. However, their big break came when they were approached by Christian singer Michael W. Smith to produce his music video. This led to a series of successful collaborations with other Christian artists, which eventually led to their first feature-length film, “October Baby.”

The Making of “October Baby”

Released in 2011, “October Baby” was a powerful and moving film that dealt with the sensitive topic of abortion. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $5 million at the box office. It was also praised for its strong performances and emotional impact, and it cemented the Erwin Brothers’ reputation as filmmakers who could tackle tough subjects with sensitivity and grace.

Recent Success: “I Can Only Imagine” and “I Still Believe”

Since the success of “October Baby,” the Erwin Brothers have continued to produce a string of hit movies that have touched the hearts of audiences around the world. Their most recent films, “I Can Only Imagine” and “I Still Believe,” have been particularly successful, grossing over $80 million and $13 million respectively at the box office.

“I Can Only Imagine”

“I Can Only Imagine” tells the story of Christian singer Bart Millard and his journey to write the hit song of the same name. The film was praised for its powerful message of forgiveness and redemption, as well as its strong performances from stars J. Michael Finley and Dennis Quaid. It was also a commercial success, becoming one of the highest-grossing independent films of all time.

“I Still Believe”

“I Still Believe” is a biographical drama based on the life of Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his relationship with his wife, who passed away from ovarian cancer. The film was praised for its emotional depth and powerful performances from stars KJ Apa and Britt Robertson. Despite being released during the COVID-19 pandemic, it still managed to gross over $13 million at the box office.


The Erwin Brothers have come a long way since their days in film school, and their journey is a testament to the power of passion and hard work. Their uplifting and inspiring films have touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

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