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Jonathan Glazer is a British director known for his unique style and artistic approach to filmmaking. He started his career directing music videos for artists such as Radiohead and Massive Attack, and later moved on to directing feature films. In this post, we will explore the filmography of this talented director, including his most notable works and collaborations.

Early Career and Music Videos

Jonathan Glazer

Jonathan Glazer’s Beginnings

Jonathan Glazer was born in London in 1965. He began his career in the film industry as a teenager, working as a runner on various film sets. He later worked as an assistant director on several commercials and music videos before directing his own.

Jonathan Glazer’s Music Videos

Glazer’s music video work is highly regarded and has won numerous awards. He has directed videos for artists such as Radiohead, Massive Attack, Blur, and Jamiroquai. His videos are known for their atmospheric and visually stunning style, often incorporating surreal and abstract imagery.

Feature Films

The Fall (2006)

Glazer’s first feature film, The Fall, is a visually stunning and emotionally powerful film. The story follows a young girl named Alexandria, who is recovering from a broken arm in a hospital. She befriends a paralyzed stuntman named Roy, who tells her a fantastical story to pass the time. The film is a beautiful and moving exploration of storytelling, imagination, and the power of human connection.

Birth (2004)

Birth is a haunting and enigmatic film that explores themes of grief, loss, and the supernatural. The story follows a young widow named Anna, who is haunted by the memory of her deceased husband. When a young boy shows up claiming to be her husband reincarnated, Anna is forced to confront her own beliefs about life and death. The film is a masterful blend of drama, mystery, and psychological thriller.

Under the Skin (2013)

Under the Skin is a visually stunning and deeply unsettling film that explores themes of identity, sexuality, and humanity. The story follows an alien who takes on the form of a woman and travels through Scotland, luring men to their deaths. The film is a haunting and surreal exploration of what it means to be human and the consequences of our actions.


Glazer has also collaborated with various artists and filmmakers throughout his career. He worked with composer Mica Levi on the score for Under the Skin, which was praised for its haunting and otherworldly sound. He also collaborated with artist Rachel Penfold on a series of short films called The Skin Trilogy, which explores themes of identity and transformation.


Jonathan Glazer is a visionary director whose work pushes the boundaries of storytelling and visual artistry. His films are emotionally powerful, intellectually stimulating, and visually stunning. Whether you’re a fan of his music videos or his feature films, there’s no denying the impact that Glazer has had on the film industry.


Who is Jonathan Glazer?

Jonathan Glazer is a British film director, screenwriter, and producer, known for his distinctive visual style and unconventional storytelling techniques.

What are some of Jonathan Glazer’s notable films?

Some of Jonathan Glazer’s notable films include “Sexy Beast” (2000), “Birth” (2004), and “Under the Skin” (2013).

What is Jonathan Glazer’s visual style?

Jonathan Glazer’s visual style is characterized by a blend of realism and surrealism, often featuring striking imagery and unconventional camera angles.

What are some recurring themes in Jonathan Glazer’s films?

Some recurring themes in Jonathan Glazer’s films include identity, memory, and the human psyche. He often explores these themes through unconventional storytelling techniques and visual metaphors.

What has been the critical response to Jonathan Glazer’s films?

Jonathan Glazer’s films have generally received positive critical reception, with “Under the Skin” being particularly acclaimed for its unique visual style and thought-provoking themes. However, some of his films have also been divisive due to their unconventional storytelling techniques.

What is Jonathan Glazer’s upcoming project?

As of 2021, Jonathan Glazer’s upcoming project has not been officially announced.

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