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Chook Sibtain is a multi-talented actor, writer, and director. He is best known for his work as the voice actor of Noghead in the popular video game, The Ascent. Aside from his impressive voice acting skills, Chook also has an interesting personal life that includes his family background, his brother Joplin Sibtain’s height, and his connection to Andor Brasso.

Chook Sibtain’s Parents and Family Background

Joplin Sibtain

Chook Sibtain was born in the UK to Pakistani parents. His father was a doctor, and his mother was a teacher. Growing up, Chook was exposed to different cultures and languages, which helped him develop a unique perspective on life. He credits his parents for instilling in him the values of hard work and determination, which have helped him in his career.

Chook’s brother Joplin Sibtain is also in the entertainment industry. Joplin is a television presenter and producer, known for his work on shows like “The One Show” and “The Gadget Show”. One interesting fact about Joplin is that he is very tall, standing at 6 feet 5 inches.

The Ascent Noghead Voice Actor

Chook Sibtain’s most famous role is that of Noghead in the video game, The Ascent. Noghead is a character that Chook describes as “fun to play and challenging to voice”. Chook’s performance as Noghead has been praised by fans and critics alike, and he has become a fan favorite in the gaming community.

Chook’s work as a voice actor extends beyond The Ascent. He has lent his voice to various other video games, including “Assassin’s Creed Origins” and “Watch Dogs 2”. He is also a prolific actor, with credits in film, television, and theater.

Andor Brasso Connection

Chook Sibtain has a connection to the popular actor and filmmaker, Andor Brasso. The two worked together on the film “The Infidel”, where Chook played the role of a Muslim fundamentalist. Andor Brasso directed the film and also played a supporting role. Chook has spoken highly of Andor Brasso’s talent and professionalism, and the two have remained friends ever since.


Chook Sibtain is a talented actor and voice actor with an interesting personal life. His family background, his brother Joplin’s height, and his connection to Andor Brasso all add to the intrigue surrounding him. With his impressive body of work and his dedication to his craft, Chook Sibtain is definitely someone to watch out for in the entertainment industry.

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