Jordan Danger


Jordan Hinson, also known as Jordan Danger, is an American actress and producer who has been in the spotlight for a number of controversies surrounding her personal life and career. From her arrest to her name change, spouse, and career in movies, Jordan Danger’s life has been a subject of interest and scrutiny in the media. In this blog post, we will explore some of the controversies surrounding Jordan Danger’s life and take a closer look at her career in movies and her measurements.

Jordan Hinson’s Arrest

Jordan Danger

In 2016, Jordan Hinson was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The actress was pulled over by the police in Los Angeles and was subsequently arrested after failing a sobriety test. The incident led to a lot of negative publicity for Jordan and her career suffered as a result. However, the actress has since moved on from the incident and has been working on rebuilding her career.

Jordan Danger’s Name Change

In 2018, Jordan Hinson changed her name to Jordan Danger. The actress explained that she wanted to distance herself from her past and start fresh with a new name. The name change was also seen as a way for Jordan to rebrand herself and take control of her career. While some fans were confused by the name change, others supported Jordan’s decision and have continued to follow her career under her new name.

Jordan Danger’s Spouse

Jordan Danger is married to actor and producer, Matt Bell. The couple met on the set of the movie, “Buddy Hutchins” and have been together ever since. Matt has been a supportive partner to Jordan and has been involved in many of her projects. The couple has also been vocal about their support for each other on social media and often post pictures together.

Jordan Danger’s Career in Movies

Jordan Danger has appeared in a number of movies throughout her career, including “Eureka,” “Hank,” and “Kevin from Work.” She has also worked as a producer on a number of projects, including the short film, “We’re Not Friends.” While Jordan’s career has had its ups and downs, she has remained committed to her craft and continues to work on new projects.

Jordan Danger’s Measurements

Jordan Danger’s measurements have been a topic of discussion among fans and the media. The actress is 5’4″ tall and weighs around 115 pounds. She has a slim build and is known for her toned physique. While Jordan has not spoken publicly about her measurements, her fans continue to admire her for her beauty and fitness.


Jordan Danger’s life has been full of controversies and ups and downs, but the actress has remained committed to her career and her passion for acting. From her arrest to her name change, spouse, and career in movies, Jordan has faced many challenges but has continued to work hard and pursue her dreams. As she continues to work on new projects and take on new roles, we can only expect to see more of Jordan Danger in the future.

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