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Karl Swenson was an American actor who made a significant contribution to the entertainment industry with his impressive acting skills. He appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including the popular western series Gunsmoke. In this article, we will take a closer look at Karl Swenson’s life and legacy in movies and Gunsmoke.

Early Life and Career

Karl Swenson

Karl Swenson was born on July 23, 1908, in Brooklyn, New York. He began his career as a stage actor in the 1930s and appeared in several Broadway productions. He made his film debut in 1941 with the movie “Cheers for Miss Bishop.” He continued to work in movies throughout the 1940s and 1950s, appearing in films such as “The Babe Ruth Story,” “The Caine Mutiny,” and “The Wild One.”

Karl Swenson’s Son Steven Swenson

Karl Swenson’s son, Steven Swenson, followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor himself. Steven appeared in several movies and television shows, including “The Twilight Zone,” “The Wild Wild West,” and “The Fugitive.” He also worked as a voice actor in animated shows such as “Spider-Man” and “The Incredible Hulk.”


Karl Swenson is best known for his role as Lars Hanson in the popular western series Gunsmoke. He appeared in a total of 14 episodes between 1957 and 1971. Lars Hanson was a Swedish immigrant who owned a farm near Dodge City and became a good friend of Marshal Matt Dillon, played by James Arness. Swenson’s portrayal of the character was praised for its authenticity and depth.

Karl Swenson’s Death

Karl Swenson passed away on October 8, 1978, at the age of 70. He had been suffering from cancer for several years. His contributions to the entertainment industry are still remembered and appreciated by his fans and colleagues.


Karl Swenson’s legacy in movies and Gunsmoke is undeniable. He was a talented actor who brought his characters to life with his impeccable acting skills. He was also a respected member of the entertainment industry and a beloved friend and colleague to many. His son Steven Swenson continues to carry on his father’s legacy as an actor and voice actor.

Karl Swenson Wikipedia and IMDB

If you want to learn more about Karl Swenson’s life and career, you can visit his Wikipedia and IMDB pages. There, you will find a comprehensive list of his movies and television shows, as well as other interesting facts about his life and legacy.


Who is Karl Swenson?

Karl Swenson was an American actor who appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and stage productions during his career.

What are some notable movies that Karl Swenson appeared in?

Karl Swenson appeared in many movies throughout his career, including “The Sword in the Stone,” “The Birds,” “How the West Was Won,” and “The Miracle Worker.”

What is Karl Swenson’s legacy in the entertainment industry?

Karl Swenson is remembered as a talented actor who brought depth and nuance to his performances. He was particularly well-regarded for his work in westerns and was a familiar face to audiences during the 1950s and 1960s.

What was Karl Swenson’s role in “Gunsmoke”?

Karl Swenson played the role of Lars Hanson in the popular television series “Gunsmoke.” He appeared in a total of 21 episodes between 1961 and 1971.

What other television shows did Karl Swenson appear in?

Karl Swenson appeared in many popular television shows during his career, including “The Twilight Zone,” “Perry Mason,” “The Fugitive,” and “The Andy Griffith Show.”

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