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Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra, one of Bollywood’s most talked-about couples, finally tied the knot on January 16, 2022. The wedding was a star-studded affair with the who’s who of the film industry in attendance. The couple had been dating for a few years and their fans were eagerly waiting for them to take the plunge. The wedding was a grand celebration, and Kiara’s siblings were an integral part of the festivities. Let’s take a closer look at the Sid Kiara wedding and the role played by Kiara’s siblings in making it a memorable affair.

The Sid Kiara Wedding

Kiara Advani

The Venue and Decor

The wedding took place at a luxurious beach resort in Alibaug, a popular wedding destination near Mumbai. The decor was elegant and understated, with a focus on white flowers and fairy lights. The mandap, where the wedding rituals were performed, was decorated with white roses and jasmine flowers. The overall effect was dreamy and romantic, fitting for a couple as beautiful as Sid and Kiara.

The Guest List

The guest list for the wedding was a who’s who of Bollywood. From Karan Johar to Alia Bhatt, from Shah Rukh Khan to Deepika Padukone, everyone who is anyone in the film industry was there to celebrate the couple’s big day. The guests were seen in their finest attire, with the women dressed in gorgeous sarees and lehengas and the men in sharp suits and sherwanis. The wedding was a paparazzi’s dream come true, with the guests posing for photographs and giving interviews to the media.

Kiara’s Siblings Join in the Celebration

The Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in Indian weddings. It is a fun-filled event where the bride and her female friends and family members get together to apply henna on their hands and feet. Kiara’s siblings, Ishita and Aishwarya, were seen having a great time at the Mehendi ceremony. They were dressed in matching outfits and were seen dancing and singing along with the other guests. Ishita even posted a picture of herself with Kiara on Instagram, captioning it “My forever bride”.

The Sangeet Ceremony

The Sangeet ceremony is another pre-wedding ritual where the families of the bride and groom come together to sing and dance. Kiara’s siblings were an integral part of the Sangeet ceremony. They performed a dance number to one of Kiara’s hit songs, and the video of their performance went viral on social media. Kiara was seen cheering them on, and the love and affection between the siblings was evident for all to see.


The Sid Kiara wedding was a grand celebration, and Kiara’s siblings played an important role in making it a memorable affair. From the Mehendi ceremony to the Sangeet ceremony, they were seen having a great time and spreading joy and happiness. The wedding was a dream come true for the couple and their fans, and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

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