Klaus Kinski


Klaus Kinski was a German actor who appeared in over 130 films during his career. He is best known for his collaborations with director Werner Herzog, including the films “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” and “Fitzcarraldo.” However, Kinski’s life was also marked by controversy, including allegations of sexual abuse by his daughter and erratic behavior on and off set. In this post, we will explore the life and legacy of Klaus Kinski, from his iconic movies to his controversial allegations and death.

Klaus Kinski’s Iconic Movies

Klaus Kinski

Collaborations with Werner Herzog

Klaus Kinski’s most famous collaborations were with director Werner Herzog. The two worked together on five films, including “Aguirre, the Wrath of God,” “Nosferatu the Vampyre,” and “Fitzcarraldo.” Kinski’s performances in these films were often intense and unpredictable, and he became known for his ability to portray characters who were both charismatic and unstable.

Other Notable Films

In addition to his work with Herzog, Kinski appeared in many other notable films throughout his career. Some of his most famous roles include the lead in “Crawlspace,” a Nazi doctor in “The Tin Drum,” and a supporting role in “For a Few Dollars More.” Kinski also appeared in several Italian horror films, including “The House by the Cemetery” and “Zombie 5: Killing Birds.”

Controversial Allegations

Sexual Abuse Allegations by Daughter

In 2013, Kinski’s daughter, Pola, published a memoir in which she accused her father of sexually abusing her throughout her childhood. Pola claimed that Kinski had raped her multiple times and that her mother had been complicit in covering up the abuse. Kinski’s other children, including actress Nastassja Kinski, have disputed Pola’s claims, and Kinski himself denied the allegations before his death.

Erratic Behavior on Set

Kinski was known for his volatile personality and erratic behavior on and off set. He frequently clashed with directors and co-stars, and his outbursts sometimes resulted in physical altercations. Kinski’s behavior was so unpredictable that Herzog once threatened to shoot him if he walked off the set of “Fitzcarraldo” again.

Klaus Kinski’s Death

Final Years and Illness

In the years leading up to his death, Kinski’s health began to decline. He suffered from a variety of ailments, including heart problems and liver disease. Despite his declining health, Kinski continued to work, appearing in several films and television shows in the early 1990s.

Death and Legacy

Klaus Kinski died on November 23, 1991, at the age of 65. He passed away in his sleep at his home in Lagunitas, California. Despite the controversy surrounding his personal life, Kinski is remembered as one of the most talented and intense actors of his generation. His collaborations with Werner Herzog remain some of the most iconic films in the history of German cinema.

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