Kristen Schaal


Kristen Schaal is a talented actress, comedian, and writer known for her unique and quirky style. She has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her impressive performances in movies, TV shows, and voice roles. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Kristen Schaal’s career, from her early beginnings to her success in Hollywood, as well as her net worth and most iconic characters.

Kristen Schaal’s Early Career and IMDb Profile

Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal was born on January 24, 1978, in Longmont, Colorado. She began her career as a stand-up comedian and later moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. Schaal’s first major role was as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where she gained recognition for her hilarious and offbeat segments.

Since then, Schaal has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including Flight of the Conchords, 30 Rock, The Last Man on Earth, and Bob’s Burgers. Her IMDb profile boasts an impressive list of credits, with over 100 acting and writing credits to her name.

Kristen Schaal’s Movies and Voice Roles

Kristen Schaal has also made a name for herself in the world of animation, lending her voice to a variety of characters. She has voiced characters in popular shows like BoJack Horseman, Gravity Falls, and Archer, as well as movies like Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me 2.

In addition to her voice work, Schaal has also appeared in a number of movies, including The Muppets, Dinner for Schmucks, and The Boss. She has proven herself to be a versatile actress, able to tackle both comedic and dramatic roles with ease.

Kristen Schaal’s Iconic Characters

One of Kristen Schaal’s most iconic roles is that of Louise Belcher on the hit animated show Bob’s Burgers. Louise is a mischievous and quick-witted young girl who is always up to some kind of scheme. Schaal’s voice acting brings the character to life, making her one of the most beloved characters on the show.

Another memorable character played by Schaal is Hazel Wassername on 30 Rock. Hazel is a deranged stalker who becomes obsessed with the show’s main character, Liz Lemon. Schaal’s performance is both hilarious and unsettling, making Hazel one of the most memorable characters on the show.

Kristen Schaal’s Net Worth and Personal Life

Kristen Schaal’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, thanks to her successful career in Hollywood. She has also written a book called The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex, which was published in 2010.

When she’s not working, Schaal enjoys spending time with her husband, Rich Blomquist, who is also a writer and producer. The couple married in 2012 and have one child together.


Kristen Schaal is a talented actress, comedian, and writer who has made a name for herself in Hollywood. With her unique style and impressive range, she has become one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. Whether she’s voicing a beloved animated character or playing a quirky supporting role in a movie, Schaal always manages to bring her signature brand of humor and charm to the screen.

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