Kyle Maclachlan


Kyle MacLachlan is a talented actor, known for his roles in movies, TV shows, and theater productions. He is best known for his iconic role as Agent Dale Cooper in the TV series Twin Peaks, but he has also starred in numerous other films and TV shows, including Blue Velvet, Dune, Sex and the City, and Portlandia. In addition to his acting career, MacLachlan is also a successful winemaker, producing wines under his own label, Pursued by Bear.

Early Life and Career

Kyle Maclachlan

Kyle MacLachlan was born on February 22, 1959, in Yakima, Washington. He grew up in a family of lawyers, but he was always interested in the arts. He attended the University of Washington, where he studied drama and met his future wife, Desiree Gruber. After graduating, he moved to Hollywood and began auditioning for roles.

MacLachlan’s first big break came in 1984, when he was cast in the lead role in David Lynch’s film Dune. Although the movie was not a commercial success, it helped to launch MacLachlan’s career. In 1986, he starred in Lynch’s film Blue Velvet, which was a critical and commercial success.

Twin Peaks

In 1990, Kyle MacLachlan was cast in the lead role of Agent Dale Cooper in the TV series Twin Peaks. The show was a critical and commercial success, and MacLachlan’s performance was widely praised. He won a Golden Globe award for his role in the series.

MacLachlan reprised his role as Agent Cooper in the 2017 revival of Twin Peaks, which was also well-received by both fans and critics.

Other Movie and TV Roles

Throughout his career, Kyle MacLachlan has appeared in numerous other movies and TV shows. Some of his notable film roles include Jeffrey Beaumont in Blue Velvet, Paul Atreides in Dune, and Trey MacDougal in Sex and the City. He has also appeared in TV shows such as Portlandia, Desperate Housewives, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

MacLachlan has also done voice work for animated TV shows and movies, including Justice League: The New Frontier and Inside Out.

Winemaking Career

In addition to his acting career, Kyle MacLachlan is also a successful winemaker. In 2005, he launched his own wine label, Pursued by Bear, named after a line from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. The label produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah wines, which have received positive reviews from wine critics.

MacLachlan is involved in all aspects of the winemaking process, from selecting the grapes to designing the labels. He has said that winemaking is a way for him to connect with his family’s agricultural roots.

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