Lee Remick


Lee Remick was a talented American actress who was born on December 14, 1935, in Quincy, Massachusetts. She was known for her beauty, acting skills, and iconic figure. Remick had a successful career in Hollywood, working alongside famous actors and directors. However, her life was not without its challenges, and she faced many personal struggles throughout her career. In this blog post, we will take a look at Lee Remick’s life, affairs, last days, and iconic figure.

Lee Remick’s Young Life

Lee Remick

Lee Remick grew up in a strict Catholic household and attended several Catholic schools. She was a talented student and was interested in pursuing a career in acting from a young age. After graduating from high school, Remick attended Barnard College in New York City, where she studied acting and drama. She made her Broadway debut in 1953 at the age of 18 in the play “Be Your Age.”

Lee Remick’s Iconic Figure

Lee Remick was known for her beauty and iconic figure. She had a slim and toned physique, which she maintained throughout her career. Remick was often photographed in elegant dresses and swimsuits, showing off her curves and toned legs. Her measurements were 34-22-34, and she was 5’7″ tall. Remick was also known for her smoking habit, which she struggled to quit throughout her life.

Lee Remick’s Affairs

Lee Remick had several high-profile affairs throughout her career. She was married to producer Bill Colleran from 1957 to 1968 and had two children with him. Remick had affairs with several famous actors, including Steve McQueen, Peter O’Toole, and Richard Harris. She was also rumored to have had a brief affair with President John F. Kennedy. Remick’s personal life was often the subject of media scrutiny, and her affairs were widely reported in the press.

Lee Remick’s Last Days

Lee Remick passed away on July 2, 1991, at the age of 55. She had been battling cancer for several years and had undergone surgery and chemotherapy. Remick’s health declined rapidly in the months leading up to her death, and she spent her last days at her home in Los Angeles. She was surrounded by her family and friends when she passed away.


Lee Remick was a talented actress who had a successful career in Hollywood. She was known for her beauty, acting skills, and iconic figure. Remick faced many personal struggles throughout her life, including her smoking habit, her affairs, and her battle with cancer. However, she will always be remembered for her contributions to the film industry and her iconic roles in films such as “Anatomy of a Murder” and “Days of Wine and Roses.”

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