Linda Blair

Linda Blair as a Child Star

Linda Blair was born on January 22, 1959, in St. Louis, Missouri. She began her acting career at the age of five, appearing in commercials and TV shows. Her breakthrough role came in 1973 when she was cast as Regan, the possessed child in the horror classic, The Exorcist. The film was a massive success, and Blair’s performance earned her critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination.

Blair went on to star in several other movies as a child, including Exorcist II: The Heretic, Airport 1975, and Sarah T. – Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic. She also made guest appearances on popular TV shows like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Blair’s success as a child star made her a household name and a Hollywood icon.

Linda Blair’s Movie Career

Linda Blair

After her success in The Exorcist, Blair continued to act in movies throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Some of her notable films from this period include Roller Boogie, Hell Night, and Savage Streets. However, as she entered her thirties, Blair’s career began to slow down, and she started to take on smaller roles in independent films and TV shows.

Despite this, Blair remained a beloved figure in the horror genre, and she continued to make appearances at conventions and events. In recent years, she has also taken on roles as a producer and director, working on projects like the documentary, Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk.

Linda Blair’s Political Activism

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Blair has also become an outspoken political activist. She is a passionate animal rights advocate and has worked with organizations like PETA to promote animal welfare. Blair has also been vocal about her support for environmental causes and has spoken out against fracking and other harmful practices.

Blair’s activism has earned her numerous awards and honors, including the 2017 Animal Rights Hall of Fame award from the Animal Rights National Conference. She continues to be a vocal and influential figure in the animal rights and environmental communities.

Linda Blair Now

Today, Linda Blair is still active in the entertainment industry and continues to work on projects as an actress, producer, and director. She also remains committed to her activism and continues to use her platform to promote causes she cares about.

Despite facing some personal and professional challenges over the years, Blair has remained a resilient and inspiring figure. Her legacy as a child star and horror icon has made her a beloved figure in pop culture, and her dedication to making the world a better place has earned her the respect and admiration of many.


Linda Blair’s life and career have been marked by both success and adversity, but through it all, she has remained a passionate and committed artist and activist. Her work in movies and TV shows has left an indelible mark on pop culture, and her advocacy for animal rights and environmental causes has made her a respected and influential figure in the activist community. As she continues to work on new projects and speak out for causes she believes in, Linda Blair’s legacy as a talented actress and dedicated activist is sure to endure.

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