Loretta Young


Loretta Young was a renowned American actress who made her mark in the film industry during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She was known for her beauty, talent, and versatility, and her career spanned several decades. In this blog post, we will delve into some interesting facts about Loretta Young, including her height, movies, children, and more.

Loretta Young’s Height

Loretta Young

Loretta Young was known for her stunning beauty and graceful presence on screen. One of the questions that many people ask about her is her height. According to sources, Loretta Young was 5 feet 6 inches tall, which was considered quite tall for a woman in the 1930s and 1940s. Her height, combined with her slim figure and elegant demeanor, made her a standout in Hollywood.

Loretta Young and Clark Gable

Loretta Young and Clark Gable were two of the biggest stars in Hollywood during their time. They starred in several movies together, including “The Call of the Wild” and “It Happened One Night.” Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, and rumors of a real-life romance between them circulated for years. However, it was not until after Loretta’s death that it was revealed that she had a daughter, Judy Lewis, who was the result of an affair with Clark Gable.

Loretta Young’s Movies

Loretta Young appeared in over 100 films throughout her career, making her one of the most prolific actresses of her time. Some of her most memorable roles include “The Farmer’s Daughter,” for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress, “Come to the Stable,” and “The Bishop’s Wife.” She was known for her ability to play a wide range of characters, from dramatic to comedic, and her performances were always captivating.

Loretta Young and Judy Lewis

Judy Lewis was the daughter of Loretta Young and Clark Gable, born out of wedlock in 1935. Loretta kept her pregnancy a secret and gave birth to Judy in secret, then arranged for her adoption by a family friend. It was not until many years later that Judy discovered the truth about her parentage, and she and Loretta eventually reconciled. They co-wrote a book together, “Uncommon Knowledge,” in which they shared their story.

Loretta Young’s Children

Loretta Young had three children in total, two of whom were adopted. Her first child, Judy Lewis, was the result of an affair with Clark Gable, as previously mentioned. Her second child, Michael, was adopted in 1942, and her third child, Peter, was adopted in 1944. Loretta was known for her love of children and her dedication to her family, both on and off screen.

Loretta Young Photos

Loretta Young was considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, and her photos are still admired today. Many of her iconic images can be found online, from glamorous studio shots to candid behind-the-scenes moments. Fans of classic Hollywood and vintage fashion will appreciate the timeless elegance of Loretta Young’s photographs.


Loretta Young was a true Hollywood legend, known for her beauty, talent, and grace. Her career spanned several decades, and she left a lasting impression on the film industry. From her height to her movies to her children, there are many interesting facts to discover about Loretta Young. We hope this blog post has given you a glimpse into the life and legacy of this iconic actress.


What was Loretta Young’s height?

Loretta Young was 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall.

What movies did Loretta Young star in?

Loretta Young starred in over 100 movies throughout her career, including “The Farmer’s Daughter,” “The Bishop’s Wife,” and “Come to the Stable.”

Did Loretta Young have any children?

Yes, Loretta Young had three children: Peter Lewis, Christopher Lewis, and Judy Lewis.

What was Loretta Young’s most famous role?

Loretta Young’s most famous role was in the movie “The Farmer’s Daughter,” for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress.

What other awards did Loretta Young win?

Loretta Young won numerous awards throughout her career, including two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

When did Loretta Young pass away?

Loretta Young passed away on August 12, 2000, at the age of 87.

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