Lucy Montgomery


Lucy Maud Montgomery is a well-known Canadian author, best known for her novel “Anne of Green Gables.” Her life was full of struggles, and she faced many challenges, but she never gave up on her dreams. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life, her books, and her legacy.

Early Life and Career

Lucy Montgomery
Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on November 30, 1874, in Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She had a difficult childhood, as her mother died when she was just two years old, and her father left her in the care of her grandparents. Despite these challenges, Montgomery was an excellent student and loved to read and write. She began writing poetry at a young age and published her first poem when she was just fifteen.

Montgomery’s first book, “Anne of Green Gables,” was published in 1908 and was an instant success. The book tells the story of a young orphan girl named Anne Shirley, who is sent to live with a brother and sister on Prince Edward Island. The book was so popular that Montgomery went on to write seven more books in the series.

Personal Life and Challenges

Despite her success as a writer, Montgomery faced many challenges in her personal life. She suffered from depression and anxiety and was often unhappy in her marriage. She also struggled with health problems, including a thyroid condition that caused her to gain weight and feel tired all the time.

In 1942, Montgomery’s husband died, and she moved to Toronto to live with her son. She continued to write, but her health continued to decline, and she died on April 24, 1942. Despite her struggles, Montgomery’s legacy lives on through her books, which continue to be read and loved by people all over the world.

Legacy and Impact

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books have had a significant impact on Canadian literature and culture. Her books have been translated into many languages and have been adapted into movies, television shows, and plays. The character of Anne Shirley has become an iconic figure in Canadian literature, and Montgomery’s books continue to inspire and entertain readers of all ages.

Montgomery’s life and work have also inspired many people to pursue their dreams and overcome their challenges. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of following one’s passions. Montgomery’s legacy will continue to inspire and encourage generations to come.


In conclusion, Lucy Maud Montgomery was a remarkable woman who overcame many challenges to become one of Canada’s most beloved authors. Her books continue to inspire and entertain readers of all ages, and her legacy will live on for many years to come. Montgomery’s story is a reminder that no matter what challenges we face in life, we can still pursue our dreams and make a difference in the world.


Who is Lucy Maud Montgomery?

Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author best known for her novel “Anne of Green Gables” and its sequels.

What is this book about?

This book is a biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery and an exploration of her beloved books, including the “Anne of Green Gables” series.

What can I expect to learn from this book?

You can expect to learn about Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life, her inspirations for her writing, and the impact her books have had on readers around the world.

Is this book suitable for all ages?

While the “Anne of Green Gables” series is often considered children’s literature, this biography may contain more mature themes and is likely more appropriate for adult readers.

Is this book available in e-book format?

Yes, this book is available in e-book format for Kindle and other e-readers.

Who is the author of this book?

The author of this book is Catherine Reef, a writer of non-fiction books for young adults.

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