Maria Almeida

The Early Life of Maria Almeida

Maria Almeida was born in Brazil in 1972. She grew up in a small town and was the youngest of five children. Her parents were both teachers and instilled in her a love of learning from a young age. Maria was an excellent student and excelled in her studies, especially in math and science.

After completing high school, Maria attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where she earned a degree in biology. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in microbiology from the same university. Maria’s research focused on the study of bacteria and their role in infectious diseases.

Maria Almeida’s Career

Maria Almeida


After completing her master’s degree, Maria moved to the United States and began working for Facebook as a data analyst. She quickly rose through the ranks and became a senior data analyst, where she was responsible for analyzing user data to improve the user experience.


After several years at Facebook, Maria decided to pursue a career in medicine. She enrolled in the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and earned a degree in medicine. She then completed her residency in internal medicine at UAMS and went on to complete a fellowship in infectious diseases.

Mario Almeida MD

After completing her fellowship, Maria married Mario Almeida, who is also a doctor. They both joined the faculty at UAMS, where they worked together to provide the best possible care for their patients. Maria was known for her compassionate bedside manner and her dedication to her patients.

Maria Almeida’s Legacy

Maria Almeida Obituary

Maria Almeida passed away in 2019 after a brief illness. Her obituary described her as a dedicated physician who was loved by her patients and colleagues. She was also remembered for her kindness and generosity, and for her love of learning.

Dr. Laila Maria Almeida

Maria’s legacy lives on through her daughter, Dr. Laila Maria Almeida, who is also a physician. Like her mother, Dr. Almeida is dedicated to providing compassionate care to her patients and is committed to continuing her mother’s legacy of excellence in medicine.

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