Mark Lee


Mark Lee is a rising star in the world of Kpop and acting. Born on August 2, 1999, in Vancouver, Canada, Mark is a member of the popular Kpop group NCT and its subunits NCT 127 and NCT Dream. He is also a talented actor, having starred in the Korean drama “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets” and the Chinese drama “Unexpected Love.” In this profile, we will take a closer look at Mark Lee’s journey to fame, his products, his role as an astronaut, his Australian connection, and more.

Mark Lee’s Journey to Fame

Mark Lee

Mark Lee’s journey to fame began when he was scouted by SM Entertainment at a global audition in Vancouver in 2012. After training for several years, he made his debut as a member of NCT in 2016. Since then, he has become one of the most popular members of the group, known for his rap skills, smooth dance moves, and charming personality. Mark has also collaborated with other artists, including Red Velvet’s Wendy and rapper Xiumin, and has released solo tracks such as “Drop” and “Outsider.”

Mark’s popularity extends beyond Korea, with fans all over the world. He has also been recognized for his talent and hard work, winning awards such as the Best New Male Artist at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Male Idol of the Year at the 2019 Korean Entertainment Arts Awards.

Mark Lee’s Products

Aside from his music and acting career, Mark Lee is also a successful product endorser. He has endorsed brands such as Coca-Cola, Baskin-Robbins, and Hyundai, among others. In 2020, he was named the global ambassador for Korean skincare brand Nature Republic, and he has also released his own collection of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and phone cases.

Mark’s popularity and influence have also made him a sought-after model for fashion brands. He has walked the runway for brands such as MCM and has been featured in magazines such as GQ Korea and Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

Mark Lee as an Astronaut

In 2020, Mark Lee made headlines when he was announced as the first Korean member of the Mars exploration project organized by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). As part of the project, Mark will undergo training to become an astronaut and will participate in simulations of life on Mars. The project aims to send a Korean astronaut to Mars by 2030.

Mark’s participation in the project has generated interest and excitement from fans and the public, as it showcases his dedication to his craft and his willingness to take on new challenges.

Mark Lee’s Australian Connection

Although Mark was born and raised in Canada, he has a special connection to Australia. His parents are both from Hong Kong, but they immigrated to Canada via Australia. Mark has also mentioned in interviews that he has relatives in Australia and that he has visited the country several times. In fact, he has expressed his love for Australian culture and food, particularly Tim Tams and meat pies.

Mark’s Australian connection has endeared him to fans from the country, who have welcomed him with open arms and have even created fan projects to show their support.


Mark Lee is a multi-talented artist who has captured the hearts of fans all over the world. From his humble beginnings as a trainee to his current status as a global star, Mark has proven that hard work and dedication can lead to success. As he continues to explore new opportunities and challenges, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young artist.

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