Marta Kristen

Marta Kristen: Lost in Space Star

Marta Kristen

Marta Kristen is a well-known actress who played the role of Judy Robinson in the popular TV series Lost in Space. The show was a hit in the 1960s and continues to have a cult following today. Kristen’s performance as the strong and intelligent Robinson sister has cemented her place in sci-fi history. Here’s a closer look at her life and career.

Young Marta Kristen

Marta Kristen was born Birgit Annalisa Rusanen in Norway in 1945. Her family moved to the United States when she was just a baby. She grew up in Michigan and started acting in local theater productions when she was a teenager. Her talent was quickly recognized, and she was soon cast in TV shows and movies.

One of her most famous roles was as Judy Robinson in Lost in Space. She was just 19 years old when she was cast in the show. Her performance as the eldest Robinson sister was praised by critics and audiences alike. She went on to star in other TV shows and movies, but Lost in Space remains her most iconic role.

Marta Kristen on Facebook

Marta Kristen has a strong presence on social media, particularly on Facebook. She has a verified page with over 10,000 likes. Her page is regularly updated with photos and news about her career. Fans can also leave comments and interact with Kristen.

One of the most popular posts on her Facebook page is a photo of her with co-star Mark Goddard. The two actors played siblings on Lost in Space and have remained close friends over the years. Fans love seeing the two of them together and reminiscing about the show.

Marta Kristen Photos

There are many photos of Marta Kristen available online, both from her time on Lost in Space and from her other roles. Fans can find a wide variety of images, from publicity stills to behind-the-scenes photos. Kristen has also shared personal photos on her social media pages.

One of the most popular photos of Kristen is from her time on Lost in Space. It shows her in her iconic silver jumpsuit, looking fierce and ready to take on any challenge. The photo has become a symbol of the show and of Kristen’s role as Judy Robinson.

Marta Kristen Wiki and IMDB

For fans who want to learn more about Marta Kristen, there are many resources available online. Her Wikipedia page provides a detailed overview of her life and career, including information about her early years, her time on Lost in Space, and her other acting roles.

Kristen’s IMDB page is also a great resource for fans. It lists all of her acting credits, including TV shows, movies, and theater productions. Fans can use the page to track down her work and learn more about her career.

Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen

Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen have remained close friends since their time on Lost in Space. They often appear at conventions and other events together, delighting fans with their stories and memories of the show.

One of the most memorable moments between the two actors happened during a panel discussion at a convention. Goddard was asked to describe Kristen in one word, and he chose “indomitable.” The word perfectly captures Kristen’s spirit and determination, both on and off screen.

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