Martha Plimpton


Martha Plimpton is a well-known actress with a successful career in film, television, and theater. She has been in the industry for over three decades, and her work has been recognized with several awards and nominations. In this blog post, we will explore Martha Plimpton’s bio, movies, age, wiki, relationship with River Phoenix, Goonies, husband, and her controversial abortion statement.

Martha Plimpton Bio

Martha Plimpton

Martha Plimpton was born on November 16, 1970, in New York City. She comes from a family of actors, and her parents are Keith Carradine and Shelley Plimpton. Martha began her acting career at a young age, and her first film role was in “The River Rat” in 1984. She has since appeared in many films, including “The Goonies,” “Running on Empty,” and “Parenthood.”

Aside from her film work, Martha is also a successful stage actress. She has appeared in several Broadway productions, including “Pal Joey” and “Top Girls.” Her work on stage has earned her several Tony Award nominations. Martha is also an activist and has been involved in many social and political causes throughout her career.

Martha Plimpton Movies

Martha Plimpton has appeared in many films throughout her career. Some of her most notable roles include Stef Steinbrenner in “The Goonies,” Tracy Prescott in “Running on Empty,” and Julie Buckman in “Parenthood.” Martha has also appeared in several independent films, including “200 Cigarettes,” “The Mosquito Coast,” and “I Shot Andy Warhol.”

Martha’s work in film has been recognized with several awards and nominations. She has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Golden Globe Award.

Martha Plimpton Age and Wiki

Martha Plimpton was born on November 16, 1970, which makes her 50 years old as of 2021. Martha’s Wiki page provides a comprehensive overview of her life and career. It includes information about her early life, education, career, and personal life. Martha’s Wiki page is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about her.

Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix

Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix were in a relationship in the late 1980s. The couple met while filming “The Mosquito Coast” in 1986 and began dating shortly after. They were together for several years and were considered one of Hollywood’s hottest couples at the time. Unfortunately, their relationship ended when River passed away in 1993.

Martha and River’s relationship is often remembered as one of the most iconic and tragic romances in Hollywood history. Despite their breakup, Martha has spoken fondly of River in interviews over the years and has praised his talent and kindness.

Martha Plimpton Goonies, Husband, and Controversial Abortion Statement

Martha Plimpton is best known for her role as Stef Steinbrenner in “The Goonies.” The film, which was released in 1985, has become a cult classic and is beloved by fans around the world. Martha’s performance in the film helped launch her career and cemented her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Martha Plimpton is currently married to Jon Patrick Walker, an actor and musician. The couple has been together since 1995 and has one son together. Martha is a vocal advocate for women’s reproductive rights and has been involved in many campaigns and initiatives aimed at protecting access to abortion. In 2019, Martha made headlines when she spoke out about her own abortion during a rally in support of reproductive rights. Her statement sparked controversy and backlash from some conservative groups, but Martha stood by her decision to share her story and continue advocating for women’s rights.

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