Megan Boone

Megan Boone: Early Life and Career

Megan Boone was born on April 29, 1983, in Petoskey, Michigan, USA. She is an American actress best known for her role as Elizabeth Keen in the hit NBC series, The Blacklist. Boone graduated from Belleview High School in Bellevue, Florida, and attended the Florida State University School of Theatre. She started her acting career in 2001 and has since appeared in various television shows and movies.

Some of her notable works include her role as Junior Deputy District Attorney Lauren Stanton in the TV series Law & Order: LA, and her portrayal of FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist. Boone has also appeared in movies such as My Bloody Valentine 3D, Step Up Revolution, and Leave Me Like You Found Me.

Megan Boone: Photos and Instagram

Megan Boone

If you’re a fan of Megan Boone, you might want to check out her Instagram account. Boone regularly posts photos of herself, her family, and her travels on her Instagram page. You can find her on Instagram as @msmeganboone. Her account is verified, so you can be sure that it’s the real Megan Boone.

As for photos of Megan Boone online, there are plenty to choose from. You can find photos of her on various celebrity websites, as well as on her official NBC page for The Blacklist. Some of her most popular photos include shots of her in character as Elizabeth Keen, as well as photos of her on the red carpet at various events.

Megan Boone: Missing Episodes and Arrest

During the seventh season of The Blacklist, Megan Boone’s character, Elizabeth Keen, was absent for several episodes. Fans were left wondering why she was missing from the show. It was later revealed that Boone had taken time off to spend with her family.

As for her arrest, there are no reports of Megan Boone being arrested. It’s possible that there may be confusion with another celebrity with a similar name, but as far as we know, Megan Boone has never been arrested.

Megan Boone: Current Whereabouts and Pregnancy

As of this writing, Megan Boone is still acting and is currently working on the eighth season of The Blacklist. She is also active on social media, regularly posting updates on her life and career.

As for her personal life, Megan Boone is a mother of one and is currently pregnant with her second child. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram in November 2020, sharing a photo of herself with her baby bump. It’s unclear when she is due to give birth, but fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her new bundle of joy.


Megan Boone is a talented actress with a successful career in Hollywood. She has appeared in various television shows and movies, but is best known for her role as Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist. Fans can keep up with her on social media and look forward to seeing her in future projects.

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